How to backup contacts, photos and call log in Android phone online

It is always an advantage if you keep a backup of the data in your mobile phones, laptops or any gadgets as you may not be sure when the phone’s memory could get corrupted, when the phone would be restored to factory settings or when the phone gets stolen. If there is a backup of the most important stuff like the contacts, its easy to restore it back to the same or any other phone, and for the backup of the contacts, this app in android phones is the best – Lookout.

Lookout is one of the best apps around for backing up the data that includes contacts, the entire call log that is present in your phone, and the photos from your phone. All the data that is backed up using this program, is encrypted and stored for free. Here is how to install and use the Lookout application to backup your data online –

Go to the Android Market and search for the Lookout app for Android.

download lookout app android lookout app start

lookout backup feature lookout main screen

lookout backing up data lookout data backup done

lookout backup settings

* Back up your photos, contacts, and other data from your mobile device.
* All your data is encrypted during transfer and stored free by Lookout.
* Schedule regular backups or start here.


* Restore your backed-up data to your phone.
* Transfer data from your old device to a new one.
* Restore everything by clicking the button below, or select individual files in the modules below

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