How to backup SMS in iPhone

iPhone has become a brand of its own in the phone market bringing a revolution on how a mobile phone looked and what it did so of its features too were revolutionary and very user friendly and productive. The feature of backing up ones phone memory is very useful as you can save and protect very useful data of your phone and save it on your PC or Laptop. Apple has provided Back up for important stuff like contacts, notes, pictures videos and SMS conversations. Here we are going to learn
How to Backup your SMS conversations on your iPhone:

  1. Connect your iPhone to your laptop or PC let it be a Mac or an Windows PC using a USB cord
  2. Launch iTunes
  3. Your iPhone will be visible in the Devices section seen in the left side of your iTunes menu.
  4. Right Click for windows and Ctrl + Enter for Mac on your device name.
  5. An options box will drop down which will show you the option “Back up your iPhone” which should be selected and this will automatically back up your iPhone completely Contacts, songs videos, notes, Sms conversations and Applications.
  6. Once your back up is complete you have to disconnect your iPhone from your iTunes and computer
  7. this will completely Back up your Sms conversations till the time you have synced it to the computer.

After you have finished learning how to Back up your Sms conversations its time to learn

How and Where to View the Back up files of the Sms conversations we have just saved on your computer:

  1. If you are a Windows user then you have to go to the following file location to locate your Sms Back up file
  2. Windows Xp user: C:Documents > Settings > [your username or computer name] > Application Data > Backup file
  3. Windows Vista / Win 7 users: c: > Users > Your Username > App Data > Roaming > Backup file
  4. Mac users: User > Library > Application Support > Mobile Sync > Backup > [id]
  5. Now you have to locate the Back up file which will in this format (.mdbackup or .mddata file extension) which is the format in which the Sms backup file will be saved
  6. Another important point to be noted is that the file will be prefixed with a file name similar to: “3d0d7e5fb2ce288813306e4d4636395e047a3d28” and will contain the backup of the SMS data from your iPhone

Note: Backup Files cannot be seen if you have selected Encrypt your Backup while Backing up your iPhone.

This iPhone back up can be usefull when:

  • You have lost your phone
  • When you want to restore your phone
  • When you are upgrading the OS

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