How to capture Panoramic photographs using an iPhone

iPhone Camera is considered to be one of the Top cameras by the users in Flickr which they say can produce Professional camera like photographs by following some simple steps given around many sites.

So with the camera getting so many good praises here is another App which will make your camera experience even better allowing you to take Panoramic  Photographs with the help of just this simple App.

Application Name: “360 Panorama”

Price: $1.99

360 Panorama for iPhone Features:

  • This app allows you to create 360 degree panoramic Photographs360 Panoramic App Logo
  • The Panoramic images you just took can be instantly uploaded and shared with friends
  • Geo tagging enabled App where each image can be tagged separately
  • Panoramic images can be sent in Email and viewed as normal images without any special software required
  • 360 View format that can be opened with 360 Panorama
  • Save panoramic photos directly to the camera roll
  • For iPhone 4 users with Retina Display high-resolution interface is provided
  • Background: Black and White Background colors can be changed as required based on the image taken

How to take a Panoramic Photograph:

Download this app from App Store

Launch this App and you will be given a short tutorial on how to take a Panoramic Photograph.

All you have to do is, focus your camera where you want to start you Panorama from and then you have to just move your camera towards the right or left which way ever you want to start.

As seen in all other apps for taking Panoramic images you have to focus correctly on each photo remembering where you ended the photo,

But in 360 Panorama all you have to do is just focus the camera on the place you want to start the image from and click  on the image shown on the screen.

This will start the image capture and as you keep moving the camera around you, the App  just saves each photo on its own and you will have to turn around 360 degrees to get a full view camera.

This image taken can be saved in 2 forms:

360 View: The image you have taken comes in a flat image in a straight line.

Stereographic View: It is a 3d view of the image which comes in a circle view.


  • Helps you take Panoramic images in a flash.
  • 3D like interface
  • Helps you take Stereographic images in the same app.
  • Options are easy and can be directly seen on the Image

Pricing: $1.99

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