How to Check Spelling while sending Mails

mac mail logoDo you know that a with a simple yet powerful tool you can check the spelling as you type in your MAC OS X. If this feature distracts you and causes you to lose focus on the actual message which you are composing then you can set Mail to wait and check your spelling once you are done with composing the message.

Procedure to check spelling while sending mail:

  • First of all, you will need to open your Mail.
  • Now, after opening the mail, go to Preferences.
  • Then select the Composing tab simply by clicking on it.
  • As soon as you click on Preferences, keep the message format intact as Rich format without making any changes. And also in the Check Spelling option select your preference from the drop down list out of three options, namely as i type, when i click send or from never.

composing option

  • If you select as i type, then as you type the mail it will correct the spelling. If you select when i click send, then spelling will only be checked once you click on Send button. And as name suggests if you click on never, then spelling will never be checked. So in this simple way, you can check spelling while you send your mail.

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