How to clean the plastic surfaces on Mac

Everybody needs a clean and cool gadget! Isn’t it?
And a beautiful mac, if being full of a layer of dust over it.. would just make it look dull and over-used.. It’s always better to have a clean plastic surface to retain the shine on the apple macbook laptop. Here are a quick tips which you can use to clean your plastic surfaces on Mac, and those which i use to clean my Mac surface!

I will further divide this into 2 parts, like Do’s and Don’ts –

Do’s for cleaning the Mac surface –

  1. Switch off your Mac
  2. Unplug your Mac from the power connection
  3. Be sure to remove the battery before starting the cleaning process.
  4. Use a soft cloth with a non-abrasive liquid soap or detergent to clean the plastic surfaces.
  5. You can use iKlear, which is known well as Apple polish to clean the surfaces of Apple products.
  6. Before starting to clean with the cloth and wet detergent, better clean the surface dust with your bare hand.

Don’ts for cleaning your Mac surface –

  1. Do not use high spreading sprays, such that they can penetrate the inner parts of mac and affect it.
  2. Do not use any cleaning agents that contain ammonia, alcohol or acidic liquid.
  3. Do not clean the surface with substances which are abrasive or hard surface in nature.
  4. Do not use rough cloth or towels to rub over the surface to clean the surface.

Can’t say that these are not helpful for other laptops than mac, but still as i use a Mac, these tips are primarily cleaning the surface of Mac.


  1. I have an Ibook g4 and hoping to upgrade to an Imac air later this year and I find your cleaning toips invaluable. I will keep your info on file because I wasn’tvery good at cleaning my mac before. Thanks ever so much for the tip.

  2. Very good instructions/tips. Actually, the excitement is when the gadget is new… but when it is at our disposal, we seem to take them for granted… no cleaning, no caring, etc.

    I am guilty acually…

  3. Taking care of one’s tools is the sign of a consumate professional, whether you’re a blogger cleaning his notebook, or a farmer cleaning his implements, or a craftsman caring for his tools.

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