How to Convert MOV to MP4 Format

Quick Time is nothing but a multimedia development produced by apple for storage and playback. As per the multimedia standards, QuickTime does not seem to be purely linear in the sense that could contain interactivity where in it could cause problems when it is being converted to other formats.

The MP4 namely Moving Picture Experts Group developed by ISO/IEC standard 14496 is a new container format. This software provides the facility to combine different types of multimedia streams into a single file. It supports all types of multimedia contents.

What is the need to convert the MOV files to MP4. Well suppose you have a number of TV shows that have been downloaded on to your Mac in the mov format and you wish to transfer them onto your ipod. Then definitely you need to go into conversion of mov file formats to mp4 formats.

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There are a number of conversion softwares that are available in the market that help you to convert mov file formats to mp4.
– There are a number of service providers to help you download these converter software for free. You can download these free conversion softwares, install it on to your system and then run the software.
– You can now choose the mov file form your system which needs to be converted to p4 format. These softwares should be able to support both the input mv format and the output mp4 format. If you need to put several mov files into a single mp4 file then you need to merge all these mov files first. You should always preview your video files first so that you put in the correct files to be merged.
– Now you have to chooe whichever format you want the file to be converted to say for example ipod Nano MPEG-4 (.mp4) to be the targeted file extension. If you are not sure of the format supported by your software then just choose the default and proceed further.
– You can choose your video settings. F you are an expert yu can change the settings according to your needs or else go in for the default settings.
– Now you can press the convert button and go ahead with the process of conversion of your mov files to your mp4 formats so that you can enjoy watching the files on your mp4 player say an ipod for example.

Like this there are many such conversion softwares that are available on the net. You can get these softwares as free ware, share ware or as a commercial software. You can go through the websites that offer these mov file conversion software to mp4 formats and choose the best that would suit your needs.

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  1. Nice tips. I have been using a paid app that lets me convert from any movie format to any desired format, and that is done perfectly.

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