How to Download & Install Internet Explorer for Mac

MAC LOGOMicrosoft in Mac. Yes, if you are the one who has just migrated from Windows operating system to Mac and is missing Internet Explorer on your Mac then we will guide you in how you can download and install the Internet Explorer on your Mac system. Though this Internet explorer can’t be downloaded directly on your Mac, you have to carefully go through the instructions mentioned below.

Procedure to download and install Internet Explorer for Mac:

Before proceeding, you first need to download and install the Wine bottler application as it converts Windows apps into the launchable app files which fits in your application folder like any other Mac application. Though there are many packages which are in the Wine bottler, we will only be seeing on how you can install the Internet Explorer. Previously IE5 can be downloaded directly onto your Mac, but now it has stopped the support. So, we need to now install the higher versions of IE which are 6,7 or even 8.

Procedure to Download and Install IE 6 for MAC:

  • First, you will need to download, install and launch the Wine Bottler Application.
  • Now, after launching the application, click on Install Predefined Prefixes which is located on the left column of the screen.
  • Now, select Internet Explorer 6 and click on Install. Now, you will have to select the folder where you want to install the Internet Explorer to be installed into which is preferably Application.
  • It will take some time in installing the Internet Explorer 6, in this process you might be prompted to install DCOM98.EXE from Microsoft which it requires to run the Internet Explorer.
  • So, now as soon as the application installation is finished, all you need to do is to just find the created Internet Explorer located where you specified earlier and launch (generally in Applications) the IE 6 on your Mac.

So, by following the above procedure you have easily learnt on how you can install Internet Explorer 6 on your Mac. There are many advantages of using IE 6 on mac as it is beneficial for all those who are not well versed with the Mac browser or say Safari and also most importantly, most of the Web pages are compatible for Internet Explorer versions than Safari.

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