How to hide iPhone apps

In iPhone you can find a lot of valuable features and the most modern features but sometimes iPhone too can disappoint you in some aspects, for example it does not have a bluetooth to transfer files using the wireless technology, and if you want to hide any personal stuff in your iPhone it is not possible until now.
With this tutorial you can hide your iPhone Apps which you don’t wish others to see which can be any kind of app.
With this procedure you can hide many things even the native iPhone applications like SMS, Call and Photos.
How to Hide Apps in your iPhone:
Things required to hide the Apps in your iphone:

  • Jailbroken iPhone
  • Cydia Installed on your iPhone
  • Jailbroken App “Poof” downloaded from Cydia

Steps to Hide iPhone Apps in your iPhone:

  • Launch Cydia in your Jailbroken iPhone
  • Go to search in Cydia and type “Poof” which will lead you to the App page
  • From there you need to install the App and this can be seen in your iPhone screen as an App
  • Once installed now you have to launch the Poof App in which you can see all the apps present in your iPhone
  • Now you should select the App which you desire to hide and in the Poof App you will be seeing beside each app a button which allows you to hide or show apps with just one click.
  • This can be seen in the image below, this feature makes it very simple for us to hide and show apps immediately without much of a procedure.
  • Once you have selected “Hide the Apps” you Apps cannot be seen in your iPhone screen or pages.
  • Apps are hidden by adding the hidden tag to the app’s Info.plist. Updates will most likely cause the app to be shown again. Just load and close poof after each update, and it will automatically rehide updated apps.
  • When you want to view the app you should do the same procedure all the way around.

Note: The Apps hidden in Poof are visible in iPhone official Search which is seen left to the home screen. So your apps are not totally hidden but just kept away from the home screen.

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