How to install Android OS on iPhone 3G and iPhone 2G

iPhoDroid is n all new software for installing Android on your iPhone it is not just a theme which is in the form of an App but it actually takes over your iPhone OS and it converts it into an Android Phone.

Requirements for iPhoDroid to work with Windows:

  • You should be having a jailbroken iPhone 3G or iPhone 2G with RedSn0w.
  • Only Redsn0w should be used to Jailbreak your iPhone before using iPhodroid. If you have jailbroken your iPhone with jailbreakme, pwnage tool or any other Jailbreaking Software you will need to re-jailbreak your iPhone 3G or iPhone 2G with RedSm0w before using iPhoDroid.
  • Download Redsn0w to your Windows PC, and Install it, close iTunes and launch the iPhoDroid Software.
  • iPhodroid comes in a zip file which has to be unzipped iPhondroid.exe and  extracted on your desktop.
  • Once iPhoDroid is Launched and running you have to connect your iPhone to your Computer and make sure that iTunes is closed.
  • After Launching iPhodroid you have to Click on “Shoot” this will start extracting all the necessary files on your iPhone.iphodroid windows
  • After you press “Shoot” you will be getting a window which prompts you to “Download” the Android firmware, which will direct you to the iPhodroid website.iPhoDroid Android download
  • Now iPhoDroid will take your iPhone into Recovery mode you will get the OpeniBoot splash page with different options like Apple, Android, Install, Uninstall
  • But you have to select “Install” which has to be done by using the Volume buttons and highlighting the Install button and click the Home button to Install.
  • After you Select the Install button you will be seeing a code on your screen which will then Reboot your iPhone and your iPhone will open now Running on Android OS.

How to Return to Apple iOS:

  1. After the Android OS has been installed and you have used it to the fullest and have decided to get back to your iPhone iOS here is what you have to do to get back to the iOS.
  2. “Reboot” your iPhone and after your iPhone restarts you will be getting the option weather to use the iOS or Android. Select iOS and you will be back to your original Apple iOS.

iPhoDroid for Mac:

  1. Download iPhoDroid for Mac and install it, as seen in the Windows you will have to Extract the iPhodroid.exe onto your Desktop.
  2. The first window will be giving you the Option to select iPhone 2G or iPhone 3G and click next.
  3. Select Install and Click Next
  4. In the next step you will have to enter IP address of your Phone.
  5. Now iPhonDroid will start doing its work and there will be 3 or 4  windows opening showing connecting SSH, connecting iPhone
  6. Now PhoDroid will be doing a timed 15 step script to copy the necessary files and prepare your iPhone for installation of Android OS.
  7. Once all 15 steps have been completed, iPhoDroid will ask you if OpeniBoot is installed. Choose No only if it is not installed then click the Next button.
  8. You will then be asked to put your iPhone into SCROLL mode.
  9. To do this make sure your iPhone is connected via USB and simply hold down the Home button and Sleep button at the same time. Now the Apple logo appears, then the recovery mode screen with the iTunes cable, then some random text will begin to scroll. Don’t release the buttons until you see the scrolling text.
  10. When iPhoDroid is finished installing Android you will see the OpeniBoot menu on your device. Use the volume buttons to select iDroid then press the Home button to launch Android as seen in the Windows tutorial.iPhoDroid done

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