How to run Windows on Mac

Many might be knowing, and others have to agree to the fact that Maintosh – Leopard is the most advanced operating system in the present tech world. And there are many PC users who have lately shifted to the new Macbooks, like the normal apple macbook, or the new apple macbook air. But coming to the new Mac software, they just get confused as this operating system is much different from Windows and many can’t just get adjusted to it.

And again they fall into the confusion stage whether to choose Windows or Mac! But why to choose when you can just get both together in your macbook?
Yea Apple had released a software called Boot camp using which you can install Windows on your Mac. isn’t it cool?

Bootcamp supports the installation of any of the Windows XP or Windows Vista OS with the already running Macintosh in a macbook. To install windows, you just need to have the original version of XP CD and you can start running the process after you have the bootcamp software downloaded in your Mac.
Run bootcamp and insert the XP CD, and the installation begins.

boot camp apple

One of the beautiful features seen with bootcamp is that, after Windows is installed, you can start up your Mac using either operating system. You have to select with which operating system you need to start with. Also while running an OS, you can switch to the other only by a restart.

Also if you want to have some Windows apps in Mac, CrossOver Mac is a program that will let you run Windows applications on your Mac.


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