How to Search From Firefox Address Bar like Chrome Omnibox

This is a trick for users of Firefox browser who have been wondering how to convert their address bar into a search box as well like seen in the Chrome Omnibox.
There is no app to do so in the Firefox store to include this feature, so here is a simple trick to do so which has worked for me and made my user experience more easy with firefox.
Why to use this feature in Firefox when you have chrome having the same feature preinstalled ?
Chrome download manager is horrible getting stuck suddenly and will never resume, had some horrifying experiences while trying to download some large files.
Mozilla Firefox also has a download resume feature which is absent in Chrome
And restore previous sessions feature which is very useful for people who open a large number of tabs at a time
How to Add Search to Address bar in Mozilla Firefox:
1) Open your Firefox browser
2) Type about:config on new tab in the address bar and you will be seeing a warning page opening which tells you “This might void your warranty” and you will have to click on a button which states “I’ll be careful i promise” which then leads you to the about:config page where you can see a small empty box named Filter as seen in the image below

3) Note that you have a pen and a notepad opened) just incase something goes wrong you can put back the code and return your browser to the original state.
4) In a small filter (upside) type keyword.URL

5) Then Right-Click on it, and choose Modify

6) Block all of it, Copy, then write/paste it on a notepad to make backup, then save it
7) Back to Firefox, replace it with

8) Then restart your firefox, you can type and search like on Google Chrome

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