How to set any song or mp3 file as ringtone in iPhone

anyringiPhone is considered to be the best smartphone which can be available in the market at the moment, but iPhone also has some drawbacks like the absence of Bluetooth Transfer and the inability to set any song as your ringtone which even basic mp3 phones are capable of.

But the Jailbreak community has been coming up with all kinds of extra features allowing you to get these simple features missing from your iPhone.

With the help of AnyRing from Cydia you can easily set any song as your ringtone in your iPhone, which was earlier not possible in your iPhone forcing you to create custom ringtones for your iPhone which was a big headache.


  • Jailbroken iPhone 3G or later with LimeRa1n or GreenP0ison
  • Cydia installed


  • Transfer Ringtones over Bluetooth (This feature is not supported for iPhone 2G).
  • Select any song on your device (iPod Application) to act as a Ringtone.
  • No Audio/File conversion needed.
  • Select start and ending point in song to play as Ringtone and loop through them until you answer the call.
  • Enable/Disable Vibration when playing Ringtone.
  • Assign different Ringtone for each Contact.
  • Record your own voice and use it as Ringtone.
  • Flicker Screen on incoming call.
  • Play the final Ringtone from the application itself.
  • Simply drag any song to iTunes, sync and select it from AnyRing to set it as your default Ringtone.
  • Set short Ringtone to play as SMS alert sound.

How to install and use AnyRing:

  • Go to Cydia and in the Search box enter “AnyRing” in the search results the first result has to be opened and the App installed, the full version costs $3.99 and the trail version can be installed which comes for 10 days.
  • After you have installed the App you will have to launch the App and you will be finding the following options:
  • Enable: This activates the AnyRing app
  • Vibrate: This activates Vibration along with Ringtone
  • Flickr screen: This makes the Display flickr when the phone is ringing
  • Random Ringtone: Selects a random ringtone from your music library and plays it
  • You can select the song you want to set as your ringtone from Music Library, Record your own ringtone, or send or receive a song from another device and set it as your ringtone.
  • After you have selected your ringtone you will have to choose weather to Set it as a Default Ringtone or Default SMS tone
  • You can also set the ringtone for a single contact.

After you have done this you can hear you default ringtone, whenever you recieve a call.

Additional feature for AnyRing:

  • You can set the time when the ringtone starts and till where it ends.
  • This option allows you to precisely set the ringtone which u like, weather it is a music bit or a dialogue it can be set using this option which is very unique and comes integrated in this App
  • This Option can be seen as shown in the image below where 2 options are given Start Ringtone At and another option Stop Ringtone At End by selecting the times frames from which you want the ringtone to start and stop you can decide the custom ringtone you want of your choice.

The Advantage of this App is that it provides you with the following options at a single place:

  • Set any song as your Ringtone
  • Record your own ringtones
  • Create custom ringtones from a song by setting the starting and ending points.


Available in Cydia for a price of $3.99 for the full version

And you can also get a Trial version in the same Cydia repository with a 10 day trial period


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