How to use the iPhone Voice Control App

With the iOS 5 around the corner there are many new features which are being given by Apple to its customers through iOS 5 but one such feature is the Voice Control Application which was available in iPhone 4 and now users with iPhone 3G and 3GS can also avail this feature through the new iOS 5.
Voice Control is one such thing which gives you a new feeling to use your iPhone.
How to Activate Voice Control:

  • Press and hold the Home button for two seconds until you hear a double-beep. Then speak clearly into the iPhone or headset microphone.You will hear a double-beep
  • Make sure you speak clearly in the iPhone Microphone
  • Make sure you properly know what commands to use for what purpose.
  • Enjoy Voice control feature on your iPhone
  • When to speak: This is a very simple yet tricky part of using Voice Control
  • After you press and hold the Home button, you will be prompted by an audible tone to speak a command.
  • When using a Bluetooth headset, press and hold the “call” button until the Voice Control screen appears.
  • Always wait until the prompt is complete before you start speaking. Any words you speak while the device is giving the prompt will be ignored.
  • Be ready to speak when the beep has completed. Long pauses may cause unexpected results.

What all devices can be used to give the Command:

  • Microphone on your headset, With iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, and iPod touch (4th generation), you can also use the built-in microphone.
  • You can also use a Bluetooth headset, or a compatible Bluetooth car-kit.

What are the Different Uses of Voice Control: It helps you in the following

  • To make a Call
  • To Activate Music
  • For FaceTime
  • To know the Time
  • Miscellaneous Commands and Uses

Voice Control Commands: Under described are the various Voice Control commands and given under each category are the various commands which will help you use Voice control in an efficient way.
Phone Commands or Call Commands:

  • How to Activate Call: Say “Call” or “Dial”
  • How to Choose a contact: “Say and Pronounce the Persons Name Clearly”
  • How to Select between two numbers of the same Contact: You should Add “Home” or “Mobile” to the Contacts Name For Example: Call “Chetan Bhawani Mobile” or “Call Chetan Bhawani Home”
  • How to enter a number when that number is not saved in your Contact list: Say “Call” or “Dial” and then the number For Example: “Call 9999999999” This will let you connect to the number which you have just said.

Music Commands:

  • How to Start the music player: Say “Play” or “Play music” When you use this command if you have paused a song then that particular song will start playing. If your iPod dosent have a song paused before then the first song in your library will start playing.
  • How to Pause the Song: Say “Pause” or “Pause music”
  • How to play the Next Song of the Previous song in the music library or your playlist: Just Say “Next song” to play the next song and “Previous song” to play the Previous song
  • How to Play a specific album artist or playlist: Say “Play” then “Album” or “Artist” or “Playlist” then the name of the album/artist/playlist which you want to play at the moment. For Example: “Play Album Minutes to Midnight”
  • How to apply Shuffle to the current playlist or album: Say Shuffle when the song is being played this will add shuffle to your song playlist
  • How to Get info about the current song: Say “What song is this” or “Who sings this song” or “What’s playing” or “who is this song by”
  • How to Play similar songs in your playlist or Music album: Say “Genius” or “Play more like this” or “Play more songs like this”
  • How to Stop Music: Say “Stop Music or Cancel Music”

Facetime Commands:

  • How to activate Facetime: Say “FaceTime [contact name, contact number or number in digits which is not saved in your contact list]”
  • How to Stop Facetime: Say “Cancel Facetime or Stop Facetime”

Time Commands:

  • How to know the present Time: Say “What is the time” or “what time is it” which i think is actually dumb

How to correct a Mistake in Voice Control: Say “No,” “Not that,” “Nope,” “Not that one” or “Wrong”
How to Get Voice Control help: Say “Help”
How to Exit Voice Control: Say “Cancel”

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