How to Write Upside Down in iPhone and iOS devices

You might have seen some upside down text in some text messages or social networking sites and wondered and amazed how did they do this, if you own an iPhone its as simple as eating a pie.

All you have to do is go to this link and you will be directed to their website.

Then you will be seeing 2 boxes which helps you convert your desired text upside down.

The upper box is where you have to enter the text you want to convert  , and the lower box is where you will be getting the upside down flipped text.

Then all you have to do is Select all the text and then copy or cut the text you want and just paste it where ever you want to.

This is a very simple and easy technique with which you can just convert any sentence or word and use it anywhere you want.

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  1. Thanks for the information. i want to add something in brief:
    Just follow these simple steps and you’ll be able to write your own upside down text to prank your relatives and friends.

    1. Launch the mobile/web browser on your device and visit

    2. On the upper text input box, type in the message you want to convert to upside down.

    3. Highlight the upside down text on the bottom text input box and copy it.

    4. Compose a new SMS, Email, Twitter, or Facebook message. Paste the upside down text you copied earlier.

    5. Send!

    hope it will help the other users.

    Thanks again 🙂

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