HTC HD2 Review

Every other day new innovative mobiles keep hitting the market. This time now, it is the HD2.It is the first Windows Mobile contrivance with a multi touch display with a large as life screen of 4.3″, than any smartphone available in the market. The display, flirting like lightning speed of 1GHz Snapdragon processor, loads of RAM, and a full-bodied GPU spells out not only its dazzling look but also its speed. So, is this going to be your next phone?

The HTC HD2 is a follow on to the HTC Touch HD. The key tones of the HTC HD2 are much the same as its preceding sculpt with a few minor changes.The HD2 is a outstanding mammoth looks what it shows in the photos at 4.74-inches top to bottom and 2.64-inches across. Well that’s big. Some may feel it a bit gauche and bulky and difficult to handle; though smaller ones will find it so; but we will not listen to their negative twitter. It portrays a correct combination of a bit of class and show.

The crucial blueprint of the HD2 is orderly and absolutely unfussy which is endowed with only a few buttons, and leaves the rest of the finding up to that great screen. On the faceoff it are a couple keys like phone, home, a Windows key, back, and end. There is a small volume output on the left side that comes along with 3.5mm headphone jack and micro-USB port placed at the bottom. A shoe off camera which may not be liked by some is on the rear side.

As human nature loves finding faults and is never a satisfied soul, complaints and improvement suggestion are always around. Like wise a ringer on and off switch and user friendly camera button would have been most appreciated.

It has a 512MB of ROM, 448MB of RAM, WiFi, Bluetooth 2.1, with auto-focusing 5-megapixel camera that comes with dual LED flash, with a microSD slot that helps 32GB cards, a 3.5mm headphone jack, in addition an accelerometer, a proximity sensor, and a light sensor on-board. Wow with so much bundled into this cocoon, its an understatement so say the least.

Hardware-wise, the HD2 joins hands with the likes, like the Droid, N900, and Liquid as in the new class of trendy smartphone. The mishmash of the size and tenacity beckons you to buy the phone and does not elude you. The display looks terrific in any light in or outside. The outdoor operation is not mind blowing, but at least a step ahead of its contenders. Its much easier to see without straining as in most of them. On color and contrast, the HD2’s screen is a go getter. Images and video look as good as it can get with no mixing and blurring of images. In all this phone is quite trendy and useful.


  1. After using the HD2 for a month I can honestly say I’ll never go back to a smaller screen. Using my phone is such a pleasure with this screen compared to my old Diamond. The browsing experience is the best I’ve seen on any phone when combined with Opera 10.

  2. got to play with this the other day, the touch scrren isnt up to par in my eyes…

  3. great phone. love my hd2. fast processor, easy to use, email and web browser are easy to use and easy to navigate. love my new unlocked t-mobile phones. my wife loves hers for the camera and video recorder and my daughter loves hers for the facebook. way better than our old unlocked iphones. i like the gps and it helps me keep up on my fantasy football league. very nice unlocked mobile phones. the internet is easy to get around and the email is great for my business. camera is great, very happy. seems like a lot of bad people get down on the hd2 but i like it. got my last couple unlocked 3g phones at 2 thumbs way up

  4. One of the best looking phones around, beating the HTC Touch Diamond and even good enough to compete with the HTC models that have been released with the Windows Phone 7 i.e. HTC HD7, HTC Mozart i guess. The screen size is big, the 1GHz processor too has a lot to speak about.

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