HTC Touch Diamond 2 Review

The new HTC Diamond 2 is a vast improvement on the original HTC Diamond.It is more practical but the large touchscreen fills up almost the entire face of the handset. The new design is quite sleek, and classy and sophisticated. Navigation is easier with the enhanced TouchFlo interface and it also has features Wi-Fi, GPS, a 5-megapixel camera, and good general performance.

The Touch Diamond2 is slightly bigger and heavier than its predecessor, at 4.25 inches high by 2.09 inches wide by 0.54 inch thick and 4.15 ounces yet, it still has a slim-enough profile that enables you to slip it into a pants pocket with no problem.

The Touch Diamond2’s WVGA display is the attention grabber. It’s bigger and sharper at 3.2 inches and 480×800 pixels. Images and text pop with color and clarity, and the touch screen is quite responsive. It also has a built-in accelerometer, which automatically changes the screen orientation from portrait to landscape The accelerometer was fairly responsive; though not instantaneous The Start menu now brings up a grid view instead of a list view of all your programs and settings, and again, you can customize this page with favorites to give you quick one-touch access to apps and tools.

Unlike on the iPhone, the rear cover of the Diamond2 easily slides off to reveal the 1,100Mh A removable battery and gives you access to the microSD card (something the original Diamond lacked). There is a price to pay for this, however, as this version doesn’t have the original Diamond’s 4GB of internal storage. Still, with cards so cheap now, we’d rather have the flexibility of removable storage than be limited by internal storage that can’t be increased.

In the new version the screen is actually fantastic and video streaming works really well and the built in YouTube application is great. Sound quality is fine and it is handy to pull the micro SD storage card in and out without resetting the phone However the HTC browser looks great but doesn’t seem to work that well with big delays and an oversensitive zoom slider. Touchflo has a nice feature on contacts where frequently used contacts can be selected and listed on the top Contacts screen- Typing with the stylus is quite slow as you need quite a lot of pressure to get the phone to register your key presses

The camera is very slow and the lack of flash makes it pretty useless indoors while the casing and screen are very sensitive to finger prints. There is a reset button under the back cover. What we really need to watch out for is, right next to this is a recessed casing screw with an anti-tamper ‘void’ sticker. It is very easy to stick the stylus into the screw instead of the button by mistake and then it is an expensive affair. This phone, we can say in fact has simplified our mobile experience.

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