Import music video and photos from iPod to Mac – Podview

Earlier i had shared about Senuti app which helps in transferring
music from iPod to mac without any interference of other mac apps like
iTunes, quicktime etc. and for all this, Syncing of the iPod is also
not needed. Here is another similar app which helps with videos and
pictures apart from music importing.

podview icon

Podview is a mac application that would help you import music, video and photos from your iPod to mac computer.

Here are a few options of which you can play with –
Full screen: Click the button on the right corner or
escape key.
Photos: Photos only work if there are full resolution
images on the iPod.
Import: Select the files You want to copy, click the
Tag button and click on the Import.
Import to iTunes/iPhoto: Same as Import, but chose
“iTunes / iPhoto” in Preferences/

Note: It’s important that iTunes is running!

podview app

The Podview app requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later and is a free to use
mac application, which can be downloaded from here.

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