[How to] Increase Apple iPad Mini Battery Life and Make it Last Longer

The Apple iPad Mini comes with a 16.3 Watt Hour of battery and there’s a capacity that can provide around 9 to 10 hours of continuous usage before being completely drained out. The recent iOS 6.0.2 Update for iPad Mini caused a lot of Battery Draining problems, but we’ve got a fix for that but still there are several possible ways using which you can save more battery in the iPad Mini, and keep the battery to its best conditions rather than seeing it deteriorating internally progressively.

Here are a few ways how you can increase the battery life of the Apple iPad Mini

Set Do Not Disturb when Asleep

Do Not Disturb is a mode that would make your device sleep, and keep all the notifications turned off during a particular time period, and you can set that through the Notifications section where there is the scheduling of the Quiet Hours when you wish not to receive a single notification from any application, though you can manually select the apps from where the notifications can still be received.

iPad Mini DND Notifications iPad Mini DND Quiet Hours

Airplane Mode, Connectivity Turned Off

Whenever you are not using any connectivity, or feel that there is no need of it at that point of time, its the best to turn it off. In the Wi-Fi only iPad Mini, it is the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections that could possibly eat the battery even when you are not using it but have it turned on, because the drivers do keep searching for the networks available around. And when it is the Wi-Fi + 3G tablet then its better to go with the Airplane mode to turn all the connectivity off, even the Mobile Data connections. This would save a lot of battery when you are not actually browsing the web and wanted a longer usage time on-the-go.

iPad Mini Battery Airplane Mode

Brightness Set to Low

Try to keep the brightness to low when you don’t have a very bright surrounding condition and when indoors, as the bright screens do always consume more battery, and it’s better to manually set the brightness to low rather than keep it to automatic as the Automatic brightness would keep the sensors active which would indirectly use the battery to keep a check of the surrounding brightness.

iPad Mini Battery Brightness setting

Fetch New Data Setting

The Emails are fetched periodically or all the time from the servers and sent to us through the Push notifications. It would be a lot better if you set the fetching to either manually or to a longer time frame so that the Internet is used lesser than before and thus the battery consumption is kept low.

iPad Mini Battery Fetch New Data

There are several other tips which can actually keep the entire condition of the battery good, and these include using the Original chargers for charging the iPad Mini all the time without relying on the duplicate ones if at all your original one got damaged or lost, and try to use the iPad after the charging is done and not when it is charging. Check the video below to see a lot more stuff on the same:

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