Infographic: The Different Characteristics & Types of Project Managers

project managerAlthough there are several resources available on the web in the current digital age for the project management, the larger companies do rely on the Project Managers to get much of the stuff happen in a proper and organized way. The most important aspect to check the overall pace and momentum of the job being done, depends on the talent and the type of mentality and the leadership skills. One of the leading and best Project Management Software solutions, Zoho, has published a neat and brilliant infographic, which shows the different types of Project Managers, and their different characteristics apart from their scorecard based on the mindset.

The various characteristics of a Project Manager include:

  • Guidance: The Project Managers with good leadership tactics would allow the team members and teams to work together and bring out better results.
  • Adaptable: An easy-going PM who would respect everyone’s opinion, although he might not be agreeing to it.
  • Detail Oriented: Giving ear to, or hearing to every small detail of the project, so that any problem later on is prevented
  • Delegator: Under limited time period, the Project Manager should take a step back and let the team members do the job on their own
  • Vision: Planning is the most important thing a PM should do, so that the results are achieved under budget and on time.
  • Creative: Thinking outside the box would make him the best.
  • Resourceful: A never-give-up approach towards any job, to overcome any obstacle.

The infographic interestingly includes the different types of Project Managers and their scores. If you are one of them, check which type you are!

  • The Micro-Manager
  • The Overachiever
  • The Superhero
  • The Strategist
  • The Macro-Manager
  • The General
  • The Mentor

Project Managers Infographic

It isn’t just important for the main lead to understand what mentality the Project Manager has got, but even every member of the team has to understand that so that they can work better and efficiently if the nature and characteristic of their Project Manager is well understood and accepted by them.

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    I have reviewed the above Infographic and it is an excellent piece of work. I would like to share this within my team and leadership crew. Any possibilty of getting this for my personal display and educate the PM to map their current character set.


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