Infolinks ad-wrap plugin – Integrate Infolinks ad in wordpress

Earlier i had shared a tutorial on how to use infolinks code in wordpress to set the ads, but some still find it hard to integrate the code and find the correct place to place it. Also, some try to have the ads only in the post content side and exclude the ads from the comment section etc.

So here is a wordpress plugin to integrate infolinks ad better in wordpress blog. Its called Infolinks ad-wrap plugin.

infolinks ad-wrap plugin

Here are a few features of the ad-wrap plugin of wordpress –

  • Control whether or not to integrate in-text advertising in comments
  • Control whether or not to integrate in-text advertising in contents/post of your website
  • Add any customization provided by the infolinks website during integration
  • Turn the infolinks ads on/off in a single particular post
  • A very small and simple plugin, easy to use and no load on the blog to function

You can still customize the plugin and can add color codes for the title, link, text etc. to make it look better. Other customization options include the category selection, selecting whether to have single underline or double, below the ad text. And the number of ads can also be set from the plugin, the same as in the infolinks website panel.

You can download the plugin from the following links –
Download Link 1
Download Link 2


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