15 Innovative & Best Camera Apps for the Nokia Lumia Phones (Windows Phone Apps)

Nokia Lumia is a Windows Phone series started by Nokia. The whole series is known for their extraordinary cameras which do a lot of good capturing, while one can always take the advantage of the several apps that are available in the Windows marketplace for the Windows Phone operating system. Following are the best and the most innovative Camera Apps for Nokia Lumia which can be either downloaded if free, or purchased from the WP marketplace.

1. Symmetry You – Free

Symmetry You App

Symmetry you is a simple yet wonderful App. As you can see in the images, it helps you make an exact replica of your other side. You can take a photo or simply use one taken before. This can be used to create funny images or tease someone by doing this on their photo.

2. Sketch Camera – Price – $1.49

Sketch Camera App

As the name states, the Application creates a sketch version of the photo you just snatched. It allows taking photo from the Camera itself or simply finds it in the gallery. Moreover you get to choose the style of sketch you want. Styles include Colour pencil, charcoal, chalk, oil paint, etc.

3. Lomogram – Free

Lomogram App

Looking at this App’s name, you might have guessed its origin, which is the famous Android and iPhone App ‘Instagram’. But when reviewing the Application, I myself found out the App something better than the original Instagram. Here we are getting about 42 filters, 72 lightning effects, 49 borders and the normal features like cropping, rotating and flipping. It has Social integration and moreover is available for free.

4. Pictomaphone – Price – $0.99

Pictomaphone App

This App is basically a full fledged photo editing software for Windows Phones. As you can see in the images, the App supports many features like adding Gaussian Blur, Dreamy glow, etc. The App practically has so many features that one user has commented “This is the Swiss knife of photo editing.”

5. Headshot – Free

Headshot App

Headshot is a very convenient App. It happens many times that you want to take a photo of yourself and end up pressing some unwanted stuff on your phone. This App makes it easy for you to tackle such situation. It takes a photo once it detects a head. Face photographing made easy!

6. Meme Lens – Free

Meme Lens App

I personally loved this Application. If you take a look at the images, you will need no explanation of what it actually does. This App can give hours of fun and enjoyment. You can use it tease someone, make a joke or use it make a perfect recipe of revenge! One more interesting thing, the App comes for free.

7. BLINK – Free

Blink App

BLINK can capture photos continuously. This can be very useful for getting a perfect time – warped photo. In the image above you can see that the App was successful in capturing the girl’s jump.

8. Kaleidoscope – Free

Kaleidoscope App

Everybody must know what a Kaleidoscope is. Here is a Windows App which helps you to convert your Phone camera into a live Kaleidoscope. It is funny to watch the stuff going around in a weird format. Not only can you use the Kaleidoscope for live camera, but also the Gallery photos.

9. Face Swap – Free

Face Swap App

As the name suggests us, the Application swaps the faces inside an image and makes it rather funny to look at. This is a perfect solution to create a humiliating image of the people you don’t like. You can use the live camera for this or simply use an existing photo where the faces are clearly visible.

10. Morfo – Price – $1.99

Morfo App

The App is totally worth the price. It creates a 3D Model version of the any photo and lets you mingle with it. You can change the physical properties like obesity, colour, etc. It then allows you to make them talk, dance, etc. If you aren’t planning to buy it yet, I would ask you to at least try it once.

11. 3D Photo Maker – Price – $0.99

3D Photo Maker

This Application makes a 3D version of any photo. However these photos need Red / Cyan glasses to get the real 3D effect. But operation wise the Application really does a great job.

12. Tattoo – Price – $0.99

Tattoo App

Wouldn’t it be great to have a tattoo without actually hurting your skin? Thanks to this Application, we can do that easily within in a few clicks. You just have to select a Tattoo and paste it on a photo which will be perfect for it. There are a lot of tattoos to select from.

13. Clone Now+ – Price – $0.99

Clone Now App

Ever had that feeling of having a twin brother or sister? Bless this App, because it will help you get a cloned version of your photo along your side. Nice little App to trick your friends and relatives.

14. Photo2Comic – Price – $1.29

Photo2Comic App

Create many Comic strips right out of your own photos with the help of this App. Along with this you are getting the option of formatting the photos according to styles used in many comic books.

15. Watermark Photos – Price – $2.49

Watermark Photos App

Need to put a seal on your photo? Here is an App which will do it for. This App puts a Watermark on your photo. It has many pre-defined watermarks for this purpose. You can also use text and other images for it.

These all apps are all available for download / purchase in the Windows Phone marketplace and would work with most of the Windows Phone versions, so you can easily download them and get started with the unique photo capturing.

~ Contributed by Sanved.

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