Install Android 2.2.1 on iPhone without using computer

This is one of the easiest ways to install Android on your iPhone 2G/3G, you can turn your iPhone with iOS into an iPhone with Android 2.2.1 Froyo. All this does not require a PC or Mac yes its true you can just install Android in your iPhone only with your iPhone.

Requirements for installing Android in iPhone with Bootlace 2.1:

  1. Jailbroken iPhone and your iPhone must be jailbroken through either of the following jailbreak tools: Pwnage Tools, BlackRa1n, Redsn0w
  2. Cydia Installed in your Jailbroken iPhone 2G/3G
  3. Internet facility either through your Network provider or Wifi.

Stepwise Guide to install Android Froyo 2.1 in your iPhone 2G/3G

  1. Launch Cydia App in your iPhone and then you have to go to the Search section and type Bootlace in the Search Box which will lead you to the  Bootlace Link.
  2. Then you will be seeing the Bootlace Install page on clicking the link. You have to click on the Install Button seen on the right side top of the Page. This will lead to the confirmation page where you have to confirm and this starts the installation process.
  3. After the download and installation and Respiring is completed a new icon will be added to your screen named Bootlace and seen as shown in the Image below.
  4. Once you Launch Bootlace you will be seeing the homepage of Bootlace with 4 options in the bottom of the page namely: Home, QuickBoot, OpeniBoot, iDroid.
  5. You will have to follow thebelow given sequence to get the proper installation. First you have to select Out of these options OpeniBoot which will lead you to the OpeniBoot page where you can see the Install button as seen in the image below.
  6. After clicking the install button you will be seeing a warning page which will be giving you some instructions and at the same time warning about the installation, press Confirm, where you can see a pop up box which shows the Downloading of Firmware.
  7. After the OpeniBoot is installed by showing u a small pop up page which tells you “Downloading Firmware” as  seen in the image belowAndroid for iPhone bootlace
  8. You will have to go to iDroid which is seen in the lower right corner of the screen beside OpeniBoot icon. This will lead you to the iDroid page.Android on iPhone Bootlace
  9. Now iDroid will be installed on your iPhone device 2G/3GAndroid-for-iphone-bootlace
  10. After iDroid is installed you will have to open QuickBoot and simply Tap on the Android icon which will Restart your iPhone , and when it switches on you can see your iPhone  using Android Froyo 2.1 as the Operating system.

How to remove Android Froyo 2.1 in iPhone and get back to the iOS:

  1. Go to Bootlace App from your iPhone with Android Os and then you will have to go to the OpeniBoot -> Settings -> Advanced.
  2. After you have reached this page as seen in the image below you will be having 3 options Back up, Restore, Reset.iPhone-bootlace-uninstall
  3. The respective tab has to be selected for the respective function’s you have to select Reset to get back to Apple iOS.

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