Interview with Kishore Beniwal from GlobalITJobs – CEO of Global Jobs Network, the site we mentioned about quite some time back, has been doing a good job by being a potential source for the IT professionals to find jobs at some reputed and new companies through the online portal. Kishore Beniwal, founder of the company was happy to share his views on the current situation in the IT world and the way they are trying to create better opportunities to find the jobs.

Check the interview below.

Chetan: Let’s talk about your background, and the main brains behind GlobalITJobs.

Kishore BeniwalKishore: The venture has been co-founded by me and Sitaram Madhukar in December 12, 2012. I’m a commerce graduate from Delhi University & a digital entrepreneur with having an immense 12 years of experience in creative arts in both off & online verticals, have started this initiative by taking charge of design, product development and marketing strategy. I also own a web design studio i.e. Intense Interactive located in New Delhi, India. Sitaram aka Max (32) is a college drop-out by choice and having a credible knowledge on finance and operations. Thus, he is the COO in the company.

Chetan: Where did you get the Idea / Inspiration for starting GlobalITJobs?

Kishore: Idea came through our (bad recruitment) experiences. It is when we have started our new-media start-up; Intense Interactive and just after some months, about 90% of our employees left us because of different reasons. However, we know the biggest reason that was – we’re a start-up company. We tried different known recruitment options and online job portals; but failed, as most of them are actually expensive, full of complexity, having no relevancy in job postings and Spam.

We found it as a serious problem and we focus on thinking of an online product / service which can solve the recruitment problems like we have faced. About 4+ years, we worked hard on a recruitment business model which is much more useful for employers looking for talent hunt and absolutely free for employees seeking career growth even more they do not need. On other side, our product is highly inexpensive for small and medium size businesses. In just 4 months of initial stage, we have 1000 employer registrations and we hope for the best in the future too!

Chetan: Tell me what the plans you have got with GlobalITJobs. Are you planning to make it globally available, as we currently see there’s India the targeted place right now?

Kishore: India has a great demand of recruitment solutions in Information technology business. So, we started our first operation in India and the response has been really great so far. About starting the venture globally, soon… we are going to make our website targeted for different countries including US, UK, Canada, Australia etc. It’s planned while booking our domain “”.

Even, we have much bigger plans including targeted various jobs verticals (finance, food, media etc.) comes under the parent company “Global Jobs Network”. Our official corporate website is

How hard has it been to get into the competition and fight it? We can’t make a good product if we don’t have a good competition. Isn’t?
There are many large-scale companies that do the same 3rd party job provisions and we have thoroughly analyzed it. And, we believe that there is always a scope for a better thing in any market. Most of the known job portals are expensive, full of SPAMMY and outdated job postings and restricted to old fashion recruitment solutions. We want to change this pattern through our first website i.e. targeted to IT industry.

We have a great faith in our product. has many unique features including one-click registration, free job postings and categorical jobs placements that can help an employer to find a desired candidate on his requirement.

Chetan: How is the Demand / Supply ratio of Jobs in IT sector in India? Are we seeing more jobs being available nowadays especially for the WWW.

Kishore: India is one of top countries in IT sector and its related verticals. From our initial months of experience, we can easily say that there is a great demand of IT professional all around India; majorly in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Jaipur and Hyderabad. And surely, we can see a good jump in nearby future.

The difficult part here is to fulfill this demand. We have to prepare for this. So, we have created a platform where employer can easily post their recruitment needs in the relevant IT category and can get 100s of resumes instantly.

Chetan: To keep it short but informative, here’s the last – How easy-to-use is the Interface of the website for the basic level job searchers who haven’t got much of the knowledge about the Internet? (or would you say, the online platform and the website isn’t for them until they learn it)

Kishore: Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, we believe. But attaining it is the most complex task. We wanted to make a hassle-free IT online job portal with the easiest navigation for any visitor (employer as well as employee). For employees, searching any relevant job is just one-click task. We have listed all-possible IT categories in the website and by clicking any of IT category; user will see all the listed jobs in one window.

With it, we have removed all the barriers b/w an employer to a job seeker. There is no registration required for any registration / sign-up in the website to Apply for any job listed. This will help job seekers to apply for more jobs and employers will get resumes of desired candidate much faster than any job portal.

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