Interview with Sidharth – Tech blogger at Blogote

Sidharth is a good person i have known since a couple of months and i love reading the stuff he writes at his blog Blogote. Check it out and you too would be stopping out there for long, reading the posts out there.
And here goes the interview –

Some insights on your personal background?

I am Sidharth, an indifferent guy who turned 18 recently,I am from bangalore, South India. I am not a guy who was born with computer in my hands or a guy who ripped his hardware or any wannabe creative genius einstein!

My personal life was/is filled with happiness and enjoyment, I never have to struggle to get anything nor I had to work hard. Everything came my way easily and I always thank god for this beautiful life. Now I am pursuing engineering in Information science.

Since when are you blogging and which is your only main blog? Tell something about it.

I started blogging from Mid may 08, so it is around 4.5 months. I had blogs on music, movies but was least interested in them, now I concentrate 99% on blogote.

Was blogging your passion or profession or there was some inspiration behind your blogging habit?

2 years ago when I was in this web world, I had to struggle hard (as everyone does) and the inspirational people list just grew. My first true inspiration was my Grand mother!

Blogging was my passion for sometime but now I am trying to diverge my blogging limits and make it a full time profession/job. As I said I am floating in these engineering courses, I have 4 years of studies going on and in this 4 years the blog will make a buzz.

How do you monetize your blog? Do you get advertisers or is it the ad networks like adsense etc.?

I always try ad network companies which concentrate on cpc or cpm, I did go with affiliate lead offers but can’t find enough time to work on them. For now, contextual ads works fine for me. I talked with some Indian ad network as I feel local ad companies would be much more helpful in payment process!

List out some essential plugins and tools you feel important for a technology related blog.

1. All in one seo
2. Seo titles
3. Seo image plugin
4. Akismet
5. Manageable

Also submitting the site to social website is always helpful.

List out at least 7 favorite blogs of yours which you read on a very regular basis.

NO blogs or websites are on my favorite list, I just glance through some personal and marketing blogs.

Lastly, do you have any honest suggestions on improvement of our blog

Concerning about the design, I like the simplicity but I would love to see a Logo instead of the simple text on the header.

Talking about articles, they are well portrayed and easy to read. You have good content covered and large categories enough to feed knowledge to readers.

Apart from all these,we do know “Good Content is the king” and you have been practicing that from the start.. 😉 Yea, a translation flag widget would help in increasing the local traffic from search engine.

Finally, thanks Sidharth for the interview. We are happy to have your asnwers and suggestions. I am going to do something with the header or thinking for a redesign so problem or header ends there. Thanks for the comments!


  1. Good to see how people change when money pours in 😉 first they make others their guru when its needed 😀 its not a surprise though!

  2. Nice Job Chetan.. Interviews like this will be helpful for other Bloggers like me.. Thank you once again..

  3. Nice notion of interviewing other bloggers! gr8 man

  4. great interview! There is certainly a lot of inspiration for bloggers to work independently to create their own niches and monetize them sanely. The SEO world can be tough if you don’t have role models.

  5. I think you can do more for interviewing other problogger. It’s too helping other newbie blogger like me. Thanks

  6. I really think Indians and Chinese are great Techies and this is a heartwarming interview. Interesting that Bangalore is the Indian twin to America’s Cilicone Valley.

  7. WOw! Such a young achiever this sidharth then. Being a blogger at 18 is a nice move. I knews the Interenet well at around 19 but I was never introduced to blog world until i reached 23! How i wished i have had. Very good interview, the www.

  8. It’s trully an achiever. Starting from mid may 08, only 4,5 month. What an extraordinary boy.

  9. Thanks for the interview, i always love to read this kind of stuff..

    Interview more and more people

    You should interview Amit bhawani as soon as possible

    He is great 🙂

  10. That’s one nifty blog, I love his theme.

  11. yeah Blogote got a nice info that I like about pingbox 🙂

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