Interview with Abhishek Bhatnagar from Technix Update

abhishek bhatnagarSo here is Abhishek Bhatnagar, a Software Engineer by profession and a Tech Blogger by passion. He is actually a good troubleshooter for many computer, mobile phone problems that people face and ask him. I always see him talk about gadgets, technology but he is not only a tech geek. He sometimes talks about movies, music etc. on twitter so an interesting person to talk about.
I asked him for the interview and he accepted it. Was a good one with him. Check out his main blog @ Technix Update.

Here goes the interview –

Some insights on your personal background?

I am software engineer by profession and blogger by passion, I love fixing computer troubles for a long time, has been playing with computers troubles for 4 years now.

Since when are you blogging and which is your only main blog? Tell something about it.

In the blogosphere since late 2006, I started a tech blog on my first blog on blogspot which got shaped to which is a technical blog now on which I write about computer tips and tricks and general hacking tutorials.

Was blogging your passion or profession or there was some inspiration behind your blogging habit?

I got inspired from the most famous Amit ( ), I started blogging through blogspot then got supported by one of the top indian blogger, sorry but I cannot reveal the name of that person.

He helped me moving from blogspot to wordpress paid hosted server and also helped me maintaining it, as I was a newbie for wordpress at that time.

How do you monetize your blog? Do you get advertisers or is it the ad networks like adsense etc.?

Adsense and InfoLinks right now, will try some more ad networks soon.

List out some essential plugins and tools you feel important for a technology related blog.

All in one seo, Related Posts, Comment Relish etc.

List out at least 7 favorite blogs of yours which you read on a very regular basis.


Lastly, do you have any honest suggestions on improvement of our blog

I like the article but as a reader, I would like to read more about blogging tips on

Thanks for the interview Abhishek, was good to hear your thoughts. As this blog was more related to gadgets and tech, i partly moved away from blogging tips lately. Would try to get back into the blogging tips stuff soon. You would enjoy them 🙂


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