iPhone 3.0 OS new features – From WWDC

The iPhone new OS 3.0 was discussed a lot at WWDC today and its got a lot of features to talk about. According to Apple, around 100 new features can be seen in the new iPhone 3.0 OS. Here are the features:
apple iphone

  • Cut, copy, paste feature finally introduced in iPhone. And the same can be done across apps, and support for undo feature is seen.
  • Options to create and send MMS from the iPhone.
  • Landscape mode in Mail/Notes/Messages
  • Search through mails, calendars, media and notes.
  • Spotlight on the homescreen to search for anything in the phone
  • iTunes changes: Renting and purchasing movies in the iTunes store possible from the iPhone. Purchasing of TV shows, music and the audiobooks also possible.
  • Phone’s internet can be used in macbook or computer through USB or bluetooth (Bluetooth was there in iPhone but never worked)
  • Tethering is a seamless experience — once it’s on, you don’t have to run any additional software. Requires carrier support — 22 supported carriers when launched — AT&T was not included. (Taken from Macrumorslive)
  • Support for streaming audio and video HTTP in the Safari. Auto-fill support for usernames, passwords, and contact information.
  • Autofill of information in iPhone now possible.
  • Support for more languages in the new iPhone OS
  • Find my iPhone – A feature using which one can login to MobileMe account and see where the iPhone is, in the Google Maps.
  • Remote Wipe – A feature which can send a command to delete all the private data like contacts, mail etc. when your phone is lost. And the data can be restored back if you get the phone back.
  • Ability for the developers to embed Google maps into applications.
  • More accurate GPS, speakerphone, iPhone media playing in the car stereo.

There are a lot more features included in the iPhone 3.0 OS but WWDC featured the ones above. So expect a lot with this new version of iPhone OS.

The iPhone 3.0 OS would be available on June 17th worldwide, and free for iPhone users, and cost of $9.99 for iPod touch users.


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