iPhone 3GS – The new iPhone launched (iPhone 3G Speed)

apple logoApple has announced the new iPhone, the Apple iPhone 3GS where S stands for Speed, and the rumors about iPhone video 3G were false for good. The name iPhone 3GS looks pretty good.

Here is all announced about the iPhone 3GS –

> All rumors about front side camera are false. No changes externally.
> 2.1x faster to launch Messages, 2.4x to load SimCity, 3.6x faster to load an Excel attachment, 2.9x faster to load a large website. (Taken from Macrumorslive)
> Supports 7.2Mbps HSPDA


> The camera is now 3-megapixel, as Flickr community almost uses iPhone to click pictures.
> Tap on the part of the photo you want to focus, and it automatically does so. Automatic handling of exposure and white balance.
> Video capturing through the camera now possible.
> Switch in the camera app to switch between video and photo mode. Auto-focus, video with VGA capacity, auto-exposure.
> Videos and photos in the same gallery. Editing of video is possible and video can be uploaded from iPhone 3GS to Youtube, MobileMe and email.
> Video captures can be integrated into apps now, due to availability of the video API.
> Voice control interface with pressing down of home button for a second. Ask things and it would reply with some nearly appropriate answer.
> Digital compass – Built-in compass. Integration with maps.
> Voiceover for controls, color inversion, mono audio etc.
> Support for Nike+
> Data encryption now possible with iPhone 3GS
> iTunes backups are encrypted
> There is Improved battery life. Now up to 9 hours of internet surfing, 10 hours of video, 30 hours of audio, 12 hours of 2g talk-time, 5 hours of 3g talk-time.
> Eco-friendly as already seen in the macbooks. Arsenic-free glass, mercury-free LCD etc.

The pricing of iPhone 3GS is $199 with iPhone 3.0 OS. $199 for 16GB, $299 for 32GB. Comes in black and white colors. The iPhone 3GS will be available on June 19th in US, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, UK.
The existing iPhone can be bought for $99 for the 8GB version.

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