iPhone 3GS Review

The King of Touch phones, The iPhone 3GS is a must have.Good hardware and some of the best applications make it a necessary item in your accessories.

A fantastic phone to have and use though slightly expensive.It has what is known as an oleophobic surface which is less susceptible to fingerprints and easier to clean.Its display is very effective in direct sunlight, as compared to the MyTouch 3G (HTC Hero) and BlackBerry 8900 This superb piece of technology does not leave space for too many complaints The basic functions work very well.Setting up of your email is quite easy and the user interface is very logical, fast and responsive.In comparison, the Blackberry Storm and the Blackberry 8900 are not so responsive, infact the latter is quite sluggish while coming alive from a locked state, The iPhone 3GS is also more responsive than the Nokia N97 . Possibly it is only the HTC Hero (MyTouch 3G) comes close, but even then, scrolling in the Map application reveals that the iPhone 3GS can move graphics about twice as fast. Presently, the Toshiba TG01 or a Tegra-powered device *should* deliver similar or better results.

In fact the additional memory actually makes a difference. But mind you it is not a phone for heavy texters The iPhone relies heavily on virtual controls The typing speed is not great because the phone is too slim. If you are however graduating from a numeric pad phone to a virtual keyboard it is a big improvement upon the typing.

Virtual Controls are indeed a great feature, they change depending on the context .In fact it is what I call “cool’..

Where Web browsing is concerned, the iPhone 3GS gives you an out of the world experience. Three things basically make it great: display size, pinch & zoom and good JavaScript support.So the web browsing experience is great.It has a fast processor and uses a faster wireless protocol (3.5G) and hence pages load faster than many other phones of this category.Flash however is not supported but as said earlier email works well with Exchange, Gmail or Yahoo.The email experience is definitely above that of a Blackberry.

Where Security is concerned it is just about good enough for ordinary consumer use.The encryption however is not one of the best and your data is not uncrackable.

The camera takes good photos unlike the earlier versions of this phone.One disadvantage however is that there is no flash and so it’s a no no when it comes to dinner photos. But the video recording does work very well.

Not a good phone for multi tasking but has a booting time of 20 seconds only, and this is where the blackberry would fail miserably.

The features that the iPhone 3GS could have done with are UMA support and a lower price.Better typing speed, and an OLED display.

If however,you don’t possess an iPhone yet but want to get one, this one is a good option .However one of the first things that you should consider is the total cost of ownership. With the cheapest plan being close to $2,000 over a 2-year contract which may not be ideal for every one.

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