Will your iPhone 4 Work with the T-Mobile Network in USA?

Are you thinking of changing your iPhone 4 carrier to T-Mobile? Well, I agree that T-Mobile, off late has come up with some exciting offers for customers who wish to change their iPhone carrier to T-Mobile from some other. The plans are definitely more aggressively priced in comparison with other mobile phone carriers, however, if you have already made up your mind, just think again. There are a few factors that you should consider before you take the final call:

iPhone 4 on T-Mobile

T-Mobile Frequencies May Not Work Well With iPhone 4

It has been reported many times by consumers that after switching to T-Mobile from AT&T, the network speed has reduced. Most of these iPhones have not worked well with the network of T-Mobile. Therefore, if you wish to take advantage of T-Mobile network, you should first verify from other sources, whether your iPhone 4 will work well with it or not. To explain this further for you, let me get to a bit deeper. The HSPA+ network of T-Mobile has a slower and faster version. While the former is limited to speed up to 21 Mbps, the latter can go up as fast as 42 Mbps. With an iPhone 4, you may experience trouble in getting the HSPA+ 42 Mbps speed and this will certainly not make you happy. You will still get the HSPA+ 21 Mbps, but, think again, will such speed limitation be able to satisfy you?

The Smaller SIM Card Issue

An iPhone 4 doesn’t have the traditional SIM cards; rather, these use a smaller version of the traditional SIM cards. Though T-Mobile sells the smaller Micro SIM cards which are meant to be compatible with iPhone 4, many users have reported to face issues with it. The cost is only $10 and you can buy it right from the official store. If you already have an existing SIM from T-Mobile, you can call the customer care representative for transferring one account from one SIM to the other.

A Good News for T-Mobile lovers

The good news is that Apple has now started to sell iPhones that can be unlocked and are compatible with T-Mobile (It really doesn’t matter even if these iPhones are locked to AT&T preliminarily). There are also standard iPhones available which are locked to T-Mobile carrier. You may still need to look out for how to unlock an iPhone 4, if you haven’t got a hold on those though. To help you, there are plenty of reputed iPhone unlocking service providers and you may take help of any of those.

We have had some excellent tutorials in the past which explained how one can get the iPhone unlocked and most of them worked, and one of them would be working with the iPhone 4 to then accept the T-mobile network too, but it all looks risky in the end when you try to update your iPhone software to a later version which might remove the unlock and again make it a network-locked device. The latest version of the Apple’s iOS is the iOS 7 which we cannot mention here about, because someone who tries to have that version would see their device permanently locked. It is always good that you contact the network provider directly for the unlocking issues, and with the T-mobile providing several options, it’s good that you have a check before proceeding with anything.

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