iPhone Siri from iPhone 4S to iPhone 4 – Requires Jailbreak of iPhone 4S iOS 5

The Siri, personal assistant or voice assistant for the iPhone users, is an exclusive feature only for the new iPhone 4S and no other device will have it, although they might be upgrading to the iOS 5. The speculations of the porting of the Siri to the other versions of iPhone, i.e. the iPhone 4 have gone wrong as the sources say it won’t be possible, unless the iPhone 4S device from where the porting would be done, should be jailbroken.

iphone siri

The jailbreak of the iOS 5 in the iPhone 4 had a few limitations, and the iPhone 4S, iPad 2 both won’t be jailbroken easily because the A5 chip in them is not susceptible to the exploit of Limera1n. According to iphoneism,

Earlier this week MuscleNerd of the iPhone Dev Team revealed that porting Siri to iPhone 4 as well as other supported iOS 5 devices will require piracy. The developers have been against piracy since day one meaning that until and unless an iPhone 4S jailbreak is released, we can lose all hope of a Siri iPhone 4 port.

So will a Siri port ever be legal? Well, turns out it can. Sn0wbreeze developer iH8sn0w just tweeted that it could be possible to port Siri to non-iPhone 4S devices provided the iPhone 4S is jailbroken. That way a tool can be developed that can transfer Siri files from the iPhone 4S to another iOS device by means of a USB. This means that a new tool will be developed that would run on a computer which would have both the iPhone 4S and the device to which Siri needs to be ported connected via USB. Then the tool will port all required files to which Siri needs to be ported to.

There are questions about the compatibility of the Siri in the other devices, although there might be any chances in the future for the porting of the Siri app to the iPhone 4 and other devices. But as of now, we would need to wait to see when the possibility of jailbreak of the iPhone 4S is seen.

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