iPhone Siri Network Problem, Siri Not Working – How to Fix the Issue

iphone siri network problemThe iPhone Siri that is exclusively for the iPhone 4S devices, often gives up because of the lack of connectivity, i.e. no network connection around. The Apple guys have made Siri in a way that it would let the users know when there is no network available. It would come with the few soft replies like –

  • “Sorry, I”m having trouble connecting to the network.”
  • “Sorry, I”m not able to connect right now.”
  • “Sorry, something”s gone wrong. Can you try that agan?”
  • “Sorry, I didn”t get that.”
  • “Uh oh. Something”s wrong. Can you try again?”

Now don”t keep wondering whether it was an error with the microphone or the audio input, or come to a conclusion that Siri couldn”t recognize the accent and convert the audio to online casino text. It is genuinely a problem with the network connection. And not just that, Siri being something totally new and different, is being tried by most of the iPhone 4S users all the time and this instead keeps hitting the Apple servers real hard as Siri isn”t an offline assistant.

A few users have found the fix and claimed that the trick worked, so here is how to fix the Siri network connection issue:

  • Go to Settings in your iPhone and go to the Siri tab.
  • Disable Siri
  • Turn off the iPhone 4S
  • Turn on the iPhone 4S
  • Go to Settings again and enable Siri

The steps are basically about resetting Siri and it would again catch up with the network and the connection would normally happen. The fix worked for many, but a few couldn”t still resolve the problem, but keep trying and the response from Siri would be back at any point of time.
When its just a few countries and the iPhone 4S users already turning down the Apple servers, imagine what would happen when the 4S would be shipped to 20 more countries in the next few days! The Siri is available only for the iPhone 4S and can be ported to iPhone 4, given that the 4S is jailbroken (with the iOS 5 version)

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