iPod touch 4G – Features, Specification and Pricing

The Apple iPod touch got a complete makeover and the new iPod touch 4th gen has many new things that the previous versions didn’t, and it has got reasons why one should get their hands on it. It has brought in the cameras, comes in with the new version of OS, and many new features that are listed below.

apple ipod touch

The size and display
The new iPod touch has got thinner than the previous versions, but still the screen size is same i.e. 3.5″ and the resolution is at 960 x 640 pixels. It resembles the iPhone 4 in design from the top and bottom with the same curvy edges in the bottom and the sharp top body.
The iPod touch gets the new Retina Display which is seen in the iPhone 4 already. This brings in the highest resolution and the pixel display is four times the previous models, so the graphics displayed are more stunning and better than the previous iPod touch versions.

ipod touch 4g

The iPod touch 4G has got 2 cameras now – The front and the rear camera. The rear camera can record HD videos at 720p quality with 30 frames per second, and still photos of resolution 960 x 640 pixels.
The front camera takes VGA-quality pictures and video at 30 fps, and the main advantage of the front camera is the capability to help in video conferencing using the facetime application with any other iOS 4.1 user either using the iPhone or the iPod touch, having the front camera.
The HD recording can then be edited through the iPhone itself with the various apps, the best of which would be the iMovie app available in the app store.

apple ipod touch 4g

Game center
Being the biggest gaming portal already, the iPod touch now ports a game center, where you can play the multi-player games online. Create your friend groups, join games and invite friends to your own gaming networks. Scores, updates about the new games are all available through the Game center. So, for those who are buying the iPod touch for the gaming already, would see it more advantageous.

Most of the other features are seen as in the previous iPod touch, as nothing much is changed in the interface except a few seen in the iOS 4.1, and the battery life of it is 7 hours for video playing, or 40 hours of audio playing.

The Price
The new iPod touch is being shipped in 3 different models, the pricing is as follows –
8GB for $229
32GB for $299
64GB for $399


  1. Seems like its time to sell away my iPod 3G

  2. I like this but how much is it sold in Laos, I would buy some if the price is less then 200$.

  3. I have no money but I need this Ipod, How can I do?

  4. I’m getting one for christmas but at dick smith in brisbane they’re $266! maybe the informations misread or misheard.

  5. Guys, i bought a new iPod touch 4G! It’s perfectly amazing! All the features are cool especially using the Facetime!

  6. I’m getting one does the apps store come preloaded into it?

  7. Wow, the best version of the iPod touch Apple has released. It’s sleek, thin and beautiful. And HD recording of the video, the imaging options and the Facetime, everything at a price of $229 isn’t anything real high. A perfect entertainment device!

  8. i think that cut the rope is a fun game as well as fruit ninja,children play,toona,lol,dont make me madd,awesome,laugh,school,bakery story,leapers,pocket halp pipe

  9. haha ipod touch 4g really work on me…. haha like no others before!!!!!!!!!!

  10. My bf recently got me the 4g itouch and i loveee it! the camera is exceptionally clear! and amazing. takes great pictures and hd videos! everything is amazing! it comes preloaded with the apps store. and i love facetime as well! and retina display 🙂 loveee it

  11. can u call anybody how udo it

  12. darrius edwards says:

    Amazon.com has really great deals on ipods so i think thts where i’ll buy mine!!!
    And good to hear all the changes made to the ipod 4.

  13. …love it sir….

  14. my dream gadget….=(

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