Changes to iPod Touch, iPod Classic, iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano

The “It’s only rock and roll” event has shown changes in the pricing, features and introduced pretty good things.. here in the summary of the changes made –

iPod Nano
A video camera, larger 2.2-inch display, polished anodized aluminum, mic and speaker, VoiceOver, FM Radio, pedometer. And it comes in awesome colors this year.
The video camera which can record videos and then you can sync with the computer and you can upload them to youtube with a single click.
It comes in 2 models: 8GB for $149, and 16GB for $179, and they’re all available today.

ipod nano video camera

ipod nano colors

iPod Classic
It was the $250 device with the space of 120 GB which has now increased to 160 GB in size for the same price. No much other changes, except the extra free space in it.

iPod Touch
The pricing is changed in this. The 8GB one comes for $199, 32 GB one comes for $299 and the 64 GB one comes for $399.
apple ipod touch new prices
The biggest failure is that iPod touch doesn’t come with a camera.

iPod Shuffle
Its coming with more colors and the pricing is made more affordable. Its available for $59 for 2 GB, and the more better device is 4 GB one for $99.

[thanks to gdgt for the images]

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