Best iTunes Alternatives for Linux OS Users

For many iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad users till now iTunes from Apple was the main software with which you could manage all your data on your iOS Devices but if you are a Linux user and are fed up iTunes and want to use something new, then here is a list of alternatives for iTunes which i think will be the best to replace iTunes to manage your device.

As you can see around that there are numerous Softwares which alternate iTunes to be used in Windows and Mac OS, but always Linux was ignored and after doing some research i could shortlist these 5 alternatives which could be a easy and better alternative for your iOS device in Linux.


Amarok: As you can see that i have placed this first in the list, so you would have guessed that this my first choice of an iTunes alternative for using with Linux.

Amarok comes with the following features:

  • It enables you to manage your music library
  • You can Listen to internet radio
  • Helps you to create dynamic playlists
  • You can easily manage podcasts
  • Displaying artist information from Wikipedia and retrieving song lyrics.

Amarok Supports the following iOS devices:

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • iPod Touch
  • iPod Nano 5G
  • And all the older iPod models

Banshee: It is ans Open Source Media player which supports many formats including Ogg Vorbis, MP3 and FLAC
It is an easy to use platform which supports all the iOS devices and is a good alternative to iTunes for Linux.

It has the following Features:

  • Internet Radio
  • AmazonMp3 Store
  • Miro Guide
  • Internet Archive
  • Streaming
  • eMusic

I would say that Banshee is also a very good alternative for iTunes for Linux as it has all the features which iTunes has except for the App Store.

You can Download it here: Banshee

Floola: Floola is also a good alternative to iTunes but it is only useful for iPod owners as it does not support iPhone or iPod Touch.
So if you are owners of iPod any generation Floola can do wonders but if you are an owner of iPhone or iPod Touch then you have to use the other Players mentioned in this post.

Some Features of Floola:

  • Cross platform (works on any Windows (98 and above)
  • Linux distribution with GTK installed
  • Portable (put the application on iPod and launch it on any PC)
  • Add and extract songs to and from your iPod
  • Integrated with
  • You can add artwork to your songs easily
  • Lyric support even on older iPods (3G and above)
  • Videos can be added to iPod

Download it here: Floola

gtkpod like floola is another player which can be used with your iPod and which does not support iPhone or iPod Touch.

Some Features of gtkpod:

  • Allows you to Read your existing iTunesDB
  • View, add and modify Cover Art
  • Detect duplicates when adding songs
  • Remove and export tracks from your iPod.
  • Normalize the volume of your tracks
  • Work offline and synchronize your new playlists / songs with the iPod at a later time.
  • Export your korganizer/kaddressbook/thunderbird/evocalendar/evolution/webcalendar… data to the iPod

Download it here: gtkpod

Yamipod as the name suggests is an iPod music manager which can replace you iTunes easily and be very easy to manage your iPod.

Some Features of Yamipod:

  • Helps you to Read/write access to mp3 id3 and AAC infos
  • playlist support (On-The-Go included)
  • advanced song import/export settings
  • remove duplicated tracks
  • find lost music files
  • PC to iPod synchronization
  • create and edit notes (with unicode support)
  • automatically update song playcounts
  • export song lists to HTML or plain text files
  • support
  • Multiple iPod’s support

Download it here: Yamipod

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