iTweetr, Now called Hahlo – Twitter for iPhone

Hahlo logoSo, i was trying to find some Apple tools which were good for Twittering, and found iTweetr in Digg, but when visited the site, they gave a statement –
iTweetr is now known as Hahlo.

So, i headed over to the site which stated Hahlo as the twittering app for Apple iPhones. This app aims to function just like twitter, making it perfectly compatible for the sexy gadget. This is developed on the API given by twitter.
Hahlo does not store your login data of twitter, they just keep your details saved in a cookie for you to access in future to check your data like direct messages etc.

You can view the following things through halho –

  • Public timeline
  • Your friends’ timelines
  • User timelines
  • Direct messages
  • Favorites

Below are a couple screenshots showing how cool the app looks in an Apple iPhone!

If you see any problem with Hahlo, Dean J Robinson would help you out, just contact him on Twitter

Hahlo Hahlo iphone

PS : If you are using it and face any problems, let me know here and i will forward that to the actual developer of this tool 🙂


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