Keyboard Shortcuts for Mac OS X Firefox

Mozilla firefox has differences in keyboard shortcuts for different Operating systems, so there are different shortcuts for firefox in Windows and Mac OS X. Here is an incredible list of keyboard shortcuts for firefox when using in Mac operating system –

First of all let me explain you what all keys you might see commonly used –
apple command key Command key – This is the key present subjacent to the space bar on both the sides. Can be identified with a small apple icon and a command icon. It sometimes replaces the work of the alt function in windows, and sometimes is the control key for Mac. Many a times you would see the command key being used instead of the Control key(which is used in Windows).

Shift Key – Used a few times, to change some functions of a normal key to perform in another way.

Here is the shortcuts list –

Command + D = Helps in adding bookmark to your browser, and also if pre-integrated bookmark is present in your firefox, the bookmark automatically gets saved to your profile too.

Command + W = Closes a single tab, or the download manager window, without shutting down the whole browser.

Command + Q = Shuts down the browser.

Command + F4 = Similar to the upper one, shuts down the browser.

Command + J = Opens the download manager window of firefox.

Command + X = Cuts any selected matter text etc. (Ctrl + X in windows)

Command + C = Copies any text that you have selected in your browser.(Ctrl + C in windows)

Command + V = Pastes the copied matter.

Command + F = Find a particular text in a web page in firefox.

Command + G = Find something again that you did through the above function(Command + F).

Command + H = View your browser history, your previously closed tabs, viewed pages etc.

Command + N = Opens a new window of Firefox browser.

Command + T = Opens a new tab in the existing window.

Command + I = Shows the page info window, which has the complete URL, referring URL, Type of page, Size of the page, Modified time etc.

Command + O = Opens a web file in firefox.

Command + R = Refreshes a page.

Command + F5 = Super refeshes a page, normally for people who make changes in a web page and do not see the changes instantly, and this refreshes the cache.

Command + L = Selects the location or address bar, where you have to enter any URL or copy the URL.

Command + (A number like 1, 2, 3 ….) = If many tabs are opened at once, you can directly go to a tab by pressing command along with the tab number. If you want to go to the 4th tab directly, you just have to hit Command + 4

Command + S = Save a web page that you are browsing.

Fn + Home = Move to the top of the page directly.

Fn + End = Move to the bottom of the page directly.

Involvement of Shift key –

Command + Shift + W = Closes the complete browser instead of a single tab.

Command + Shift + G = Find previous item in the browser.

Shift + F6 = Move to the previous frame.

Command + Shift + Z = Redo a undone function.

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