Keyboard shortcuts for Safari browser in Mac OS X

safari logoSafari browser is the best one to browse the web from a Mac computer or laptop. Although it has a good rival Firefox but still, the traditional mac users would go for Safari browser most of the time. And as the functioning of the mac is different from the other OS like Windows and Linux, so the keyboard shortcuts would be different too. I had posted a list of keyboard shortcuts for firefox in mac, and also an app for setting keyboard shortcuts in itunes software.

Here are a few keyboard shortcuts for Safari browser in Mac OS X –

Command + T – Open a new tab
Command + W – Close the currently browsing tabs
Option-Click Close Button – This closes all other tabs
Command + Option + Click Link – Opens the link in a new window
Command + Option + F – Moves the cursor to Google search box in the top right
Option + Up arrow – Scroll up
Option + Down arrow – Scroll down
Command + Shift + ] – Go to the next tab
Command + Shift + [ – Go to the previous tab
Command + Shift + H – Go to the homepage of the browser
Command + Shift + K – Toggle Block Pop-up Windows
Command + Option + E – Empty cache
Command + Option + R – Power reload. Reloads without caching.
Command + M – Minimizes the safari browser
Command + F – Find any word within a webpage in the browser
Command + Plus(+) – Increases the font size
Command + Hyphen(-) – Decreases the font size
Command + Option + L – Opens the download window
Command + Shift + D – Bookmarks a currently open web page
Command + Option + B – Opens the bookmarks library

These are the ones which i found by using the Safari browser myself, would be exploring more and try to use it more and find some.
You know any more? Please help in making this list bigger.


  1. Since last six months I have been utilizing this mind blowing browser and undoubtedly its unique selling proposition is its unmatchable speed.

  2. Yeah! the shortcuts really work…Thanx Dude!!

  3. Hey can these work on xp??

    i have safari on my xp

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