Kuku Klok – An online alarm clock

kukuklok logoThere are some people who really don’t have a habit to work during nights on the internet, but they are forced to do so. They are so tired and dozed out that they don’t even know when they fell asleep, with their computer still running on.

For those, this online alarm clock named Kukuklok is very useful with just setting up of the alarm time, and just keep the window open aside with the other things you are working on. On the exact time, the alarm rings, and you are very well awaken once the alarm time ticks.
Setting up the alarm is just too easy with + or – of the hour and minutes setting, and you would be shown the current time at your place, locating where you are or just matching it with your computer’s time.

And there are a few sounds from which you can select one and set it to ring. Cockerel, Classic Clock, Electronic, Electric guitar are the sounds you can choose from to alert you with the tone.
And the best part of it is, that it is not totally an alarm clock.
Once loaded, the online alarm clock will work even if Internet connection goes down.
So you can be happy to see the alarm ringing although unknowingly your internet connection lost while you were asleep.

Check the alarm clock at KukuKlok


  1. Hey, that clock’s very nice, but if you would like to try using the world’s first clock radio for your web browser, then please check out:


    Why not limit yourself to just using a simple online alarm clock, when you can use our site with a radio function?

  2. I’ve gotta admit…..I read this article and I’m thinking to myself, why don’t you just use a real alarm clock or your cell phone (most of which have alarm clocks). With that said, I did just try it out. 🙂 The user interface is clean and simple.

  3. Have you see the first online smart alarm clock… http://sleep.fm ?

    Wakes and speaks your weather, amongst other things. Wake up better informed!

  4. I have in my website a alarm clock and a digital alarm clock, all made in flash technology with adobe flash 8 and MX:

    Alarm Clocks

    Digital Alarm Clocks

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