Laptop Theft Recovery Software for Windows, Mac, Linux

Laptops aren’t small enough as phones to get easily stolen, but still thieves don’t look for the size when they see something worth it. Laptops often get stolen, and main problem for owner would be loss of personal information, contacts, and lots of stuff that is stored in the laptop.

For the laptop owners who want to keep their laptop tracked and get help on recovery of the laptop, there is a software called Prey.
Prey theft recovery software tries to collect and send information from the laptop to the web and this information can help track the location and identity of the thief.

A group of collective data is sent, which includes –
Status of the computer, network information, connections running, screenshot of the desktop and also if the laptop has a camera, the photo of the thief is also sent to the web.

laptop theft recovery

When you install Prey, you set up an email address and optionally a URL (i.e.

Prey runs at a specified interval and checks the URL you previously defined. If the URL exists, Prey will gather the information and send it to the email address you set up. You can also not define a URL and in that case the program will send the data every time it runs.
Prey needs an internet connection to be running to send the information to the web.

The Prey laptop theft recovery software can be downloaded for different OS like Windows, Linux and Mac OS.

You can download Prey software from here.

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