LG Versa Review

The LG Versa is a cell phone of great promise. An attractive touch screen phone, the LG Versa has an animated user interface with options for additional modules.This phone has a lot of potential with a HTML browser, Flash lite support, a 2.0 mega pixel camera,EV-DO, GPS and a music player.In the LG Versa the QWERTY keyboard doubles up as a case.

The detachable QWERTY keyboard gives us the flexibility of being able to use it for texting and then detaching it when required, thus reducing the weight.

It is 4.17 inches long, 2.07 inches wide, has a thickness of 0.54 inches.Besides being a sleek looking phone, the LG Versa is also quite slim,and the manufacturer seems to have combined the best of two of its earlier models the LG Dare and LG Voyager. The LG Versa has a 3 inch wide touch screen and weighs around 3.81 ounces.

However the web browsing experience on the LG Versa is nothing to rave about and the screen is quite unresponsive with certain applications. While the Visual Voice Mail needs a monthly subscription, this phone has no Wi Fi feature.

The one sticking point is definitely the browser for the touch screen is quite stubborn in responding. Also instead of the usual 3.55mm headset jack it has a 2.5 mm one. The LG Versa is definitely a good touch-screen phone and is very versatile, having the optional modules.The LG Versa’s touch screen provides what is called tactile feedback. The caliberation wizard helps you to adjust the sensitivity of the screen to your liking , so that even the vibrate level can be adjusted.

The Versa is made of plastic, is a dark cappuccino in color with silver tinges. The front is a fingerprint magnet, while the back has a soft-touch coating found generally on most LG models.

The main display is 3 inches diagonal, and has a 240X480 pixel TFT that supports upto 262 K colors.In comparison to the Dare it is taller but not as wide.It is however more sensitive than the previous models, though firmer to touch .Possibly due to the slightly higher pixel count the images and text look better on the Versa , while a unique feature is that a proximity sensor turns the display off if the phone is next to the face while on call.

By itself the LG Versa is a very good touch screen phone, with an animated interface where in we can customize upto three home screens and customizing each of them is also quite easy.Due to the flash lite feature one can watch You Tube clips even when he is on the move. Besides Bluetooth, the other features include V Cast Video and V Cast Movie .Over all the LG Versa is quite impressive..

The LG Versa is now available for $199.99 with a two-year service agreement and a rebate of $50.

The customizable home screen is a superb idea and the YouTube experience is cool. Over all it’s a phone to love.

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