List of 150+ things related to blogs and blogging

I thought to post this much time earlier but never could find time and any good references to link to, so finally decided to post what all is in my mind. This list consists of all kinds of things, like tools, web resources, scripts, plugins, ebooks etc. which once you get in touch with, will make you a complete blogger who has some good talent and knowledge in blogging.
It is not just writing which would help you become a good blogger and make you money from the blog. There are many 3rd party things which you have to take care of and they would help you make some money.

So here it goes –

blogging things

Blogging Platforms –
I had written about the platforms for blogging earlier, but will refresh it in short –

WordPress plugins – Although there are various blogging platforms, being a wordpress user i am sharing my favorite wordpress plugins, which one must use to make their blog run better –

Blog Search tools, Search Engines and directories –

Email subscription and Newsletters services –

Blogging related forums –

Ping Services for Blogs –
I used to use services like Pingoat and Pingomatic but both seem to be down right now, so not suggesting those till they are back.
Here is a list of pinging services given by DBT.

Working pinging services right now –

Social Bookmarking Services –

Make money with ads –

Promotion by Micro Blogging –

Traffic analysis for blogs –

Get paid to blog sites –

Tools for blog editing –
The same boring blog editor can be replaced by one of these desktop blog editors.

Video sharing websites –
To share videos that you publish in a video blog i.e. vlog. And these sites can be very much helpful for blog promotion.

Ebooks for blogging to read –

Social Networking –

Photo Sharing Tools

There are still many things to include and i know am missing many. But you can all help in making this list bigger. Please mention in comments if i missed any of them.


  1. Great list
    Very helpful
    Thanks 🙂

  2. That is some good collection chetan. .
    Vary helpful for newbies like me
    Thanks for sharing. .

  3. The ebooks list which u submitted is gr8 . .

  4. Great list Chetan. This would make work simple in finding things related to blogging. Digging it and will stumble if for you 🙂
    Superb collection.

  5. A good list there 🙂
    Thanks for sharing. Will help me in future for blogging.

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    i am very much impressed with this list Thanks buddy

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  7. Wow…what a great list!!

  8. I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to compile this page. It’s a huge headache saver and a definite bookmark on my computer from now on.

  9. Michael Martine, Blog Consultant says:

    Thanks for including my book, I appreciate it. 🙂 I have a new book out, too. Click the comment link to learn more.

    Posts like this where you take a lot of time and put a lot of value into them are great: it saves people time and often gets you a lot of links.

  10. Wow, great compilation! Thank you very much for sharing.

  11. need to learn as much as I can about this internet marketing thing :).

    Nice list keep it up

  12. Some Interesting things in the book …I studied it and its gr8 feeling for me …

  13. Excellent, excellent list thank you very much

  14. I wanted to research this subject and write a paper. Your post what a thousand words would not. Nice job.

  15. Great list, but I didn’t see Darren from problogger’s ebook. Here is a link…

  16. Wow this is one comprehensive list man.

    The money through ads links could be useful, and micro blogging? Well that is something that I’ve not heard of.

    Need to Google that!

  17. OMG

    this is the most useful post on this blog

    its awesome

  18. Thank you for sharing. I would include Photobucket and Imageshack for Image hosting. Also think that usefull will be the list of free hosts for blogging.

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    News from all over the world, all that you should know and what will be interesting to tell your friends.

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  21. thx for sharing this 🙂 awesome list…

  22. A very great list. Compiles almost everything that a blogger needs to make the blog a complete website.

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