LogMeIn App for iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad [iOS App Review] – Free & Paid Versions

Have you ever wanted an app that could control your computer at home or office from anywhere in the world? This app can truly amaze us with some of the quality features packed into it. You could be on a flight, or a train or even in a hotel far away, you can always be in the loop by using this awesome application that can enable you to control your PCs or Macs from anywhere in the world. The LogMeIn app was created by LogMeIn, Inc, so here is an app review.

Once you’ve installed the LogMeIn app on your iPhone or iPad, you can connect to your Mac or PC remotely using either 3G or Wi-Fi but you should install either LogMeIn Pro or LogMeIn Free in your computer before you can do this.

LogMeIn App iPad

LogMeIn App Features

There are quite a lot of things you could do using this unique app, which can access files and can even run applications remotely, which means you’re in complete control over your computer. So with this app, there is no longer a need for you to stay in a place because you can’t access your files from anywhere else. Its almost like carrying your computer with you, but you don’t have it with you.

Some of the things that this app can do is that you can get your computer files and edit them right away from your iPhone or iPad, run applications directly, and you get to use your computer just like you’re sitting in front of it. The app also provides multi-monitor support, special key combinations, and both intuitive and flexible control modes. Another highlight seems to be that you can even start a sleeping computer with Wake-on-LAN.

The app is fast, and doesn’t have any sort of lag while functioning. When you want to connect to a computer, you need to enter the PV credentials to get in. Although the interface is just like a computer while you’re connected to your PC, there are a list of handy on-screen gestures you could use to control your computer. Double taps are recognized as double clicks, two finger taps go down as right click, and you can even drag apps by double tapping and sliding and there are a lot more gestures you could use.

So, some of the highlights about the app include:

  • Access files and run apps remotely
  • Control your computer from your iOS device
  • Multi-monitor support
  • Wake-on-LAN feature to start a sleeping computer

LogMeIn App iPad Settings LogMeIn App Manager

The best thing about this app seems to be that it offers really good performance and this could be called one of the top productivity apps in recent years. Although the app is optimized for the iPhone 5 it works on all three of them the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, but requires iOS 4.3 or later.

Download LogMeIn App for iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad

To download the app, you can visit the iOS app store by visiting this link: LogMeIn App

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Requires iOS 4.3 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

There are two versions of this app:

  • LogMeIn which is free, which comes with all the standard features and will be suitable for all of the casual iOS users.
  • LogMeIn Pro, which needs you to pay annual ($39.99), 6 month ($29.99) or 3 month ($19.99) but it does come with some killer features that’s not available in the free version but its for people who need a lot more than just connecting to your computer remotely.

~ Contributed by Matthew Sunny Abraham

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