Lumia for Asha – Nokia Lumia Home Screen with Live Tiles for Asha Phones

Lumia for Asha homeThe Series 40 operating system of the Nokia Asha mid-end device doesn’t have an interesting or good looking interface in itself, thus having some spark and better look in the home screen would be a neat addition or modification to move away from the boredom of the standard home screen of the Asha device. “Lumia for Asha” is an app that would showcase the live tiles that are seen on the Lumia devices, on the Asha phones.

According to the developer:
Experience the new and latest Lumia Windows Phone on your Nokia Asha. The app showcases live tiles. Check battery status and signal strength and make calls using the dialer.

The live tiles are shown with the following shortcuts:

  • Dialer – Click that to open the phone app from where you can make and receive the calls
  • Photos – Opens the gallery of the photos captured using the phone camera
  • Battery – Click on this tile to check the status of the battery
  • Network – Check the network status with this live tile

Lumia for Asha battery Lumia for Asha Network Lumia for Asha Wallpaper

These aren’t actually the live tiles but just the representation of them, but the main intention here is to come up with something interesting as soon as the phone screen is unlocked. Following are the devices which are compatible for using this app:

  • Nokia Asha 311
  • Nokia Asha 309
  • Nokia Asha 308
  • Nokia Asha 306
  • Nokia Asha 305

To download the “Lumia for Asha” app, you need to either have the compatible device, or should connect the device to the computer and have the Nokia Suite tool installed and open, then it can be downloaded and installed with ease, rather than having the hassle of getting an SMS with the download link directly to the phone, and downloading using the Data network of the phone itself.

Click here to download the Lumia for Asha app for the Nokia Asha phones. It isn’t compatible with all the Asha phones from Nokia, but only for the ones which have the latest Series 40 OS in them, and these are specifically the 5 Asha devices from Asha 305 model.

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