Mac Backup Software – Clone Disk & Incremental Back up Files

A typical Hard Disk Drive rotates at a minimum speed of 75 miles per hour or more based on the type and this keeps continuing as long as you have your PC ON. This means that if you are using the same Laptop from years then the chances of you losing all the important data is very high because the disk can stop working at any moment and the only thing which can help you out is BACKUP because other than this there is nothing in the world which can help you get all the data back. The Data recovery softwares and tools can always try out recovering all the lost files but this is not going to get you 100% which is the reason its better to Backup in advance and enjoy a tension free computing life.

In this article we are going to recommend you a free application which is going to Clone one disk to another, allows you to select files or the whole disk to a firewire / USB external hard drive or a Remote Mac based computer. You don’t have to buy a Time Machine because if you own a Mac and a external hard drive just set this application on your computer and you enjoy a scheduled backup tasks which can be restored at any time.

The application called as Carbon Copy Cloner which is a freeware available at the official website – and is compatible with

  • Intel or PowerPC Macintosh
  • Mac OS 10.4 Tiger (10.4.8 or higher)
  • Mac OS 10.5 Leopard
  • Mac OS 10.6 Snow Leopard

Carbon Clone Cloner Setup

Once you download the copy of CCC you need to double click on the .DMG file which will install the application on your Mac based computer. Next on the first screen of this application you will be shown with two different sections. The left section asks you to enter the ‘Source Disk’ ie either your complete Internal Macintosh HD hard drive or selected files from your Mac and the right side section would ask you to select the ‘Target Disk’ which is setting up the location where you would like to store the backup-ed files. Along with this you will be asked to way of Cloning which ranges from ‘Backup Everything’ as it is to ‘Incremental backup of selected items’.

Now you don’t have to worry if you suddenly find that your Romantic Holiday Photos or your child’s first birthday photos are deleted accidentally because the Carbon Copy Cloner would just recover these back to the original destination. You as a user have a total cover on what all files you would like to backup and you also get detailed information on the backups progress. The best part is that you can select complete disk clone which would just help you in quick restore of the whole computer to the original state within minutes and without the need of paying anyone.

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