Mac OS X Dock for WordPress Blogs for Easy Navigation & Style

We had recently written a article on how you can Make WordPress Admin Look Like Mac OS X Leopard and in this article you will come to know about one useful WordPress plugin which is going to give your blog a new special look and style which Mac OS X users are always a fan of.

Called as the MacDock Plugin it is going to add a special bar at the footer of your blog which when mouse hovered will automatically zoom or increase the size of the icons in a animated style. By default the icons would be displayed as shown below in a normal size.

Mac OSX Dock WordPress Icons

Once the whole blog content is loaded the Dock automatically comes up on the screen and when you mouse over any of the icons you can find the size to increase automatically. You can easily change the links of these icons which by default link to the Homepage, About, Contact Pages etc. Its a excellent plugin which can be implemented on Blogs related to Apple because the users would enjoy the same Dock features. Below is another screen-shot which gives you the final idea on how the icons would look like.

Mac OSX Dock WordPress Icons Final

You can Customize the plugin from Settings > MacDock page.

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