Mac OS X Mavericks Launched – Features, Details and How to Update

“We want a name for the next 10 years. It’s the places that inspire us here in California. Where OS X is designed.” This is what made Apple to come up with the Mac OS X Mavericks, the new version of OS X from Apple. Here are the features included in it. [Apart from the new version of the OS X, the Apple fans were happy to see the newly updated iOS, with the Apple iOS 7 being announced, and here’s the best features of iOS 7 which would be good enough for you to feel why this can be the best iOS version till date].

Mac OS X Mavericks Features

Finder Tabs: So you can work in the Finder with multiple windows, but now you can draw all of those windows together in tabs.

Tagging: Tagging just like in the posts, where it makes it easier to find and use later on. Tags are great for search as well. A single document can be given multiple tags. The tags can be given particular colors too, and dragging the stuff to the tags menu can assign them the tags easily.

Tags Mac OS X Mavericks

Multiple Displays: With multiple displays on the Mac, its always been a powerful way to work. The Dock and Menubar would work separately on the separate displays. Finally, if you have an AirPlay-connected HDTV, it acts as a full power connected display as well.

Mission Control has just been supercharged for multiple displays. The different screen spaces when seen together, the desktops and full screen apps can be dragged amongst the different displays.

Advanced Technology in Mavericks

  • Compressed Memory
  • App Nap
  • GPU Video Scaling
  • Timer Coalescing
  • Priority Reduction
  • Timer throttling
  • GPU Matrix Multiplier

In Mavericks, we intelligently align the work of your computer’s power transitions, which reduces CPU activity up to 72%. It’s pretty awesome.
With the compressed memory, the inactive memory can be rapidly compressed to improve the response time.

Safari Browser:

  • 1.5 Billion WebKit devices.
  • Reading Lists on the sidebar where you can continuously browse the content, including Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • SunSpider Javascript Benchmark: Safari 1.44x, Chrome 1x, Firefox 1.17x
  • Memory usage by Safari, and the CPU energy usage by Safari is lesser than that of Chrome and Firefox
  • Smooth scrolling
  • With the technology called App Nap, the OS would make the CPU cool when you switch the app. The other app is still running in the background. This would help in making the battery life better.

iCloud Keychain

  • Website logins
  • Credit card numbers
  • Wi-Fi networks

256-bit AES security
Encrypted passwords and data
Safari-suggested passwords for you to set on the website.
Credit Card details are entered directly without the security code, which you need to enter.

Push notifications from apps will push iOS alerts to your Mac. Notifications on the lockscreen. It will also do app updates in the background.

Notifications right on the lock screen, and the App updating by itself automatically.

Calendar in Mac OS X Mavericks

Facebook event inclusion

Maps in Mac OS X Mavericks

Maps with the street maps and 3D, search, info cards etc. and the turn by turn directions.
Send the directions or saved locations directly to the Apple Phone lock screen.
SDK is being given for developers to add more functionality.

iBooks in the Mac OS X Mavericks

1.8 million books in the library, with the new iBooks included in the Mac now.

Mac OS X Mavericks Availability Details

The Mac OS X Mavericks is going to be available during the fall, and the developer preview is going to be available right away for developers to play around with it.

Check out the details of the new Apple Macbook Air versions that have been launched with the better battery and the new processor.

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