How to Find Macbook RAM Size?

Finding the RAM size in your mac would be needed when you are facing problems with the speed of your mac, and want to check whether you have adequate RAM available, or were not sure how much RAM your mac had when you installed your macbook. Here is a tutorial on “How to Find Macbook RAM Size” –

Similar to how you check the Hard drive information and size, RAM information checking is also through the System profiler which you can open by following these steps –
Go to the Apple menu on the top left of the screen, and click on “About this mac”
about mac info

Then click on the More Info button to get into the System Profiler screen which would give you the needed information –
mac more info memory

In the System Profiler, the left column having “Hardware” section would be having a tab named “Memory“, which you may click to get the information about your RAM in macbook.
As you can see in my mac, there are 2 partitions of the RAM named –
Following information about your Macbook RAM memory would be given in that System profiler tab –

  • Size of the RAM or partition.
  • Type of RAM.
  • Speed of the RAM.
  • The Status, Manufacturer ID, Part Number and Serial Number are also given.

mac memory info


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