Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, AOL Mail Notification Extension for Google Chrome

X-notifier is a Google chrome extension which notifies the uses about the mails from various mail clients like Gmail, Yahoo Mail and AOL Mail. The notifier is simple but pretty good, providing what the users need, i.e. checking the mails and updating of the mail count every interval set by the user. The notifier shows the count of unread mail in the icon on the right top side, beside the wrench icon and the other icons of the extensions of the Chrome browser. Here are the various features of the X-notifier Google chrome extension –

  • Mail notifications from various mail clients, like Google mail, Yahoo mail, AOL, Daum, Hotmail, Naver etc.
  • Supporting multiple Gmail accounts at once, and updating them together
  • Switching between the accounts, from the extension tab which has the list of accounts
  • Logging into the accounts automatically when the browser is opened

Though the notifier extension for the Chrome browser has pretty good features, it still lacks many features that the same add-on for the Firefox browser has got. Once you install the extension, you would see the options as “Check All”, “Check Now” and “Open” through which you could update the mail inbox count, and also check the mail box by clicking on Open.

x-notifier google chrome

The X-notifier has various mail clients support, the most commonly used ones are the Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and AOL mail.

x-notifier email services

Once the account is added, you would see the count of unread mail in the list of accounts in the dropdown menu, and the same count is also shown on the extension icon directly, so that you don’t need to click on it every time to check the count of unread mails.

x-notifier mail notification

In the options page, you can add the various mail accounts for different clients, and there are options to set the interval of time for regular checking of mails, reset the counter whenever the mails are opened, and show notifications or play a sound when new messages arrives in the mail inbox.

x-notifier options

If at all you are using multiple Gmail accounts with the extension, you will need to go to your account and allow multiple sign-in, which would be asked to you when you are switching between the two gmail accounts through the extension.

X-notifier Google chrome extension – Extension page

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