Manage iPhone photos like the Windows Phone 7 Gallery

Pics App By Phyar Studio is one App which deals with all your photo/video management for iPhone / iPodtouch / iPad  that is based on the Windows Phone 7 Metro theming system.

Pics was earlier named as SeeSee which was later named more apt to Pics.

This App allows you to do many interesting and Useful things with your photos and Videos which you always thought would be helpfull if present in your iPhone, it allows you to Manage your photos and arrange them in groups and folders and also gives the option of Password protecting your secret Folders, this also allows you to view photos present in your Mac or PC directly in your iPhone/iPod touch/iPad wiht the use of Wifi or 3G. These were just some of the main attractive features which i mentioned here  below you can see the full list of Features available in the awesome App.


  • iPhone 3G/4/ iPod Touch/iPad
  • iOS 4.0 and later for iPhone
  • No need to jailbreak your iPhone as this app is available in your iTunes App Store


  • This App transforms your Phone image viewer to look like the win7
  • You can view your photos in full resolution without any change in dimensions or quality
  • Importing photos and videos from camera roll was never so fast and easy, and you can start organizing thousands of your photos
  • Import HD videos without loosing any quality
  • You can view your photos directly in your camera roll or treat it as an album in App
  • Add, delete, order albums, edit album name and properties. Move, delete photos and videos.
  • You can organize your albums into different desktops, and your desktop can be locked
  • It allows WiFi downloading and uploading, access photos and videos in all albums including camera roll
  • It also accepts ZIP or compressed files for uploading
  • Progress indicator displayed on your device while uploading.
  • Photos and videos can be displayed directly in your web browser, and all the changes made on your device would update to web browser automatically.
  • Passcode protection for locked albums is a very useful feature
  • Transfer photos/videos to another iPhone/iPod touch/iPad with WiFi or Bluetooth connection.
  • AlbumSync with p2p transfer. Compare albums on two different devices and send photos not exist in remote album by one tap. if album not exist, Pics would create a new album on remote device to receive all photos.
  • View all albums synced by iTunes.
  • Complete retina display support.
  • Amazing animated 3D user interface to give you the best appearance and changing your iphone photos and Videos album.
  • You can view your iPhone/ iPod/ iPad pictures and videos in your Mac in the Windows 7 format which is elegant and sleek (this app is not available for Windows as of now)

How to connect with your Mac:

To connect with your Mac you need to download “Pics Assistant” from the Mac App Store.

This App allows you to auto-connect to your iPhone/iPod touch/iPad without entering IP address, uploading photos/videos to iOS device by drag and drop, create new albums, edit album names



And it also comes with Native iPad support, Pics is a universal App. You only need to pay once for your iPhone and iPad



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