Media Temple Web Hosting Review – Price, Features and Support System Overview

When you are running a website then the most important thing is to select the perfect host so that you can run your business smoothly. This is what the Media Temple does; it will give you almost hiccup free service. There are users who didn’t face any problem and had nice time running their website. The speed was good, no downtime was reported and adding domains didn’t seem to be an issue at all. When you have Media Temple, one of the most popular hosts then even if you face any problem, the support is there to help you out.

They come up with several offers which help you to save money. Let’s look into the features and services that Media Temple provides –

Price tag

When it comes to price it is really hard to decide how much to spend on web hosting. It will be really bad if after spending a lot if the service is not good then your money is fully wasted and sometimes the cheap rate of services affects the service itself but that is not the case with Media Temple as they provide affordable prices with excellent service. If you are running a small or medium sized site then 20$ per month Media Temple Grid (Shared Hosting) plan will be good enough. In this plan you can host up to 1000 email addresses and 100 websites per account, already optimized for WordPress which gives you 100 GB storage and 1TB bandwidth and hosting is shared which is cluster based in Linux environment.

The other option is Media Temple DV Managed DV Developer (VPS Hosting) at $30 per month for DV Developer. It provides you with one click installation and for DV Managed Plan, Plesks 11 control panel is available. Even with this plan you can manage to have uptime of almost 99.999%. The entry level server provides you with 1GB RAM, 30 GB storage and 1 TB bandwidth. Then best online casino there is DV Enterprise (Dedicated Hosting) which will provide you with 2.4 TB SAS hard drives, battery backed write cache, 1 GB network switch among other features.

Here are the plans and details about the DV Managed hosting from Media Temple:

  • $50 / month – 1GB RAM, 30GB Storage, 1TB Bandwidth
  • $100 / month  – 2GB RAM, 50GB Storage, 1.5TB Bandwidth
  • $150 / month – 4GB RAM, 100GB Storage, 2TB Bandwidth

Here are the plans and details about the DV Developer hosting from Media Temple:

  • $30 / month – 1GB memory, 20GB storage, 350GB bandwidth
  • $50 / month – 2GB memory, 40GB storage, 650GB bandwidth
  • $100 / month – 4GB memory, 80GB storage, 1.5TB bandwidth

Support system

You will get 24 hours support through phone, email, instant message or even twitter. The support team is really fast to reply back. They will provide good support by solving your issues and if you have any concerns then they are all ears for you and will explain things in a friendly manner. Even if it is a simple question from your side then also they will explain it in such details that you will feel valued as customer.

The support system is spread socially too, and the good thing is that the guys there didn”t reply with any automated copy and paste responses like most of the other agents do, so this was quite helpful for making the contacting and getting the support in a faster way.

Setting Up & Features

The setting up of the hosting account was quite easy, and the interface was very easy to understand with the large icons to make you feel comfortable while choosing the options and set up the website. But, the 1-click installation wasn”t very impressive as it is more than just a single click to get things done, and it guides you to do a few things before the actual one click installs the script you want.


It is compatible with most of the themes and hardly has any issues. You won’t find much of a problem with memory limit issues or any PHP errors. It goes really way with some of the themes without giving you any trouble as such.


  • Click installation – there are only 3 web apps which you can install through 1 click installation but for others you have to do manual installation.
  • Downtime issues – this is one of the major issues of Media Temple, it can extend from few minutes to near about hours

Depending on the service and support they offer you can give it a try as they are really good and that is why they have become so popular within a limited period of time. Check out the Hostgator review which I did sharing my experience about the host and the issues I had with it.

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